Putin, Xi Met 5 Times in 2016

Russia-China ‘Strategic Cooperation’ Deep

high-level contacts strengthen strategic, political cooperation

deepen bilateral cooperation, coordinate on intn’l issues

Moscow, Beijing said relations at highest peak in entire history

  • In 2017 Putin to visit China in May, Silk Road summit
  • Xi to visit Russia one month later in mid-2017 (June).

Close highest level contacts between Russia, China

deepen strategic, political trust between two countries
China readiness to work with Russia for further relations

My comments : This is not reading the tea leaves. This is happening.

Never in recent history (or ever in history) have the leaders of two of the most important nations on earth – China with the world’s largest population and the world’s No 1 economic power and Russia which is now the world’s most powerful military superpower, having exceeded the US on many fronts – met FIVE TIMES in one year. Macam main mahjong saja !

And they both see benefit in continuing to meet regularly – Putin and Xi will meet again in May and June 2017.

Do you all know that despite paying so much money, MOI has NEVER been invited to the White House.  Kesian-nya. The Jedi says that is MOI’s single, largest disappointment, especially after paying Mr White so much money.  He has never been invited to the White House to meet the US president or for a State dinner.

Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong has been invited for dinner at the White House.


Dinner guests

Back to Putin and Xi Jinping, I think they will “sort out” North Korea. Maybe this year.  That is why they are meeting so many times (Ok this is my guess lah.)

Sadly North Korea is quite beyond redemption. They just do not know what should be their priorities. They have become a feudal-communist-dictatorship. The grandson is now running the country.  Marx and Lenin will be spinning in their graves.

Three things can happen to North Korea :

1. just give up their communist system and reunite with South Korea (like East Germany did)

2. they declare war on South Korea and the US and get their ass kicked and reunite with South Korea

3. they are “absorbed” into China and become a province of China

Absorbed means China could militarily invade them (unlikely) or China arranges a coup de etat and gets rid of Kim Young One and then a new North Korean regime “applies”  to become part of China.  It may not be a formal annexation. Maybe more like the US in Iraq and Afghanistan but without the soldiers on the ground.

I think Putin and Xi Jinping may be discussing North Korea as well. Just guessing. North Korea is a real problem.

While a significant number of people in our country are scratching their butts and while our MOI is picking lice out of Big Hair, more real things are happening around the world.  It will have an impact on us – significantly.