This has just popped into the Junk Mail box. 

It is a Media Statement by the chairman of that ‘Special Task Force Into Bank Negara Forex Losses’ that took place in the 20th century.  This is the 21st century.  

The chairman is one Sidek Hassan.

My view is it should read   “..Into Bank Negara Malaysia’s Forex Losses . . .” 

But never mind lah, Bahasa Inggeris is just not  really relevant to these folks. 

Why not just stick to Bahasa Melayu?   

By the way there is no such thing as Bahasa Malaysia you know.  
Can you ask the Sultan of Brunei,  “Do you speak Bahasa Brunei?” 
Boleh faham ke? 


First here is the Media Statement:

My comments about pg 1 : It looks like the chairman (Sidek Hassan)  is smitten with “gila glamour”.   
He says, ‘The Cabinet    . . . appointed me as Chairman of the Special Task Force …’   
‘appointed me as Chairman..’ ! !  Wow ! 
Or  does this really  mean that indeed the Cabinet ONLY appointed the Chairman ? 
So the six other Task Force members are ‘hop-on’ and they are absolved of any legal responsibility?  Since they were NOT appointed by the Cabinet ?
We are still on page 1.   I hope we are on the same page. 
Then it says ‘involving BNM in the 1990s’.  Why not just say,  ‘ . . in the 20th century’ ? 
I mean cant you be more specific? 
There was a specific time period over which BNM incurred those losses.  
Also in the case of  Brader Anwar’s  Sodomy 1,  his conviction was overturned because the Appeals Court said that the exact time of the sodomy could not be determined.  Meaning the exact time a crime was committed is important. 
After Brader Anwar’s acquittal,  I believe that argument  (ie the exact time of the offense could not be determined) was presented as an excuse in at least one other sexual molest trial by one of our YB DAP lawyers. 
What about cases  involving young children who were raped by their elders at home?  Young children would not even know what a watch was and neither were those FOUR MALE WITNESS rascals ever present to record the time of their rape.
Oops ! Sorry ah.  The point is, cant they be more specific with the time?
Then the first line a. is already a prejudiced statement.  
How can you say “related to its speculative foreign currency transactions”? 
It seems that the Task Force is already passing judgement that they were  ‘speculative transactions’. 
Investigation belum mula pun. That is an unfair and prejudiced statement.   The Task Force should complete its investigations first before deciding if it was speculative or not.   

At this point, the proper word to use should be  ‘allegedly speculative‘.  

This is a serious breach by the chairman of the Task Force.  This is a big bungle.

In the kafir countries like UK, US, Japan, Europe etc if the chairman of such a Task Force made a mistake like this, they will resign immediately. 

For example Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor resigned just because he made a telephone call to the Russian ambassador BEFORE taking his oath of office (or something like that). It was not even a crime. Just a procedural  error.

But that is in the kafir countries. 
Malaysia is not a kafir country. 
In Malaysia anything they say is ok.

By the way talking about speculation, ALL currency trading is speculative by nature. 
So is investment in the stock market. 
Or buying bonds – which is highly speculative.
These points can be eminently argued – in defense of ‘speculation’.  

So the Task Force may wish to reword its statement, to avoid more embarrassment later.

In university my final year focus was ‘Logistics and Materials Management’. The holding of any inventory by any business (eggs, rice, textiles, steel, motorcars) is all speculative.  You think, you hope, you pray that you can sell them. And at a profit. 
I agree with No. 2 (i), (ii) and (iii).


I dont know if these six folks above were arm twisted to ‘hop on’ to this Task Force. Maybe one of them may have arm twisted the Task Force to be put on board. Ha ha ha.

Dont forget to read my conclusion ok – at the very end.What does this episode teach us? 
That even something that took place in the 20th century can be brought back to life.  
It can come back to haunt you.So all of you around the Super Corrupt MOI please write this down carefully behind the door in your bathroom. So that you will see it first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed. 

Whatever you are doing today, will come to haunt you as well. 

To all you crooks out there, the rakyat will also come after you.  
You can depend on this 100%.   
And you are doing much worse things. 
You are aiding and abetting crime.

Finally, even the members of this Task Force need to keep this in mind.    
What is the real purpose of this Task Force? 
The people are wondering : Are you doing real work? 
So please have all your meetings properly minuted.   
All the procedures properly observed etc.   
You have already bungled your Media Statement.    


Coincidentally I heard some talk. 

The crooks want to get Tun Dr Mahathir. 
Apparently the Sup Kambing  fellow is behind the idea to go after Dr M.   
People say this guy is “dangerous”.  
I think the guy is exceptionally stupid. 

Some people who know him say that this guy will one day sit behind bars. 
I did not say this. Orang lain cakap.

Anyway the plan is first  to frighten that other Mamak.  
Hence the F – Troopers.   
Then from there to work up to Dr Mahathir.
Then there is another mamak.  Less said the better.

Melayu tak akan hilang di donya selagi ada mamak membelanya.

Just bear in mind,  if you do the crime, then one day you will do the time. 

You think you are powerful today,  disposing of human beings, ordering people around, persecuting and prosecuting people – thinking you will never get caught.

One day, tomorrow, next week, next year, 10 years from now people will come and get you too.  This is a certainty.  Please let me assure you of this.

You can take all the valium you have or drink all the whiskey on the shelf, but you will never sleep soundly.   

Just like you think you are watching others, so are others watching you.  

The difference is you are the crooks.  
Worse for you – you know you are crooks.

Always have your passports ready.Y
Or why not pop  a bit extra valium tonite?
 As for the rest of us, you can cancel our passports if you want.
This is where we live. We are not going anywhere.

Finally here is Tun Dr Mahathir’s reaction after reading the Media Statement :

Here is a strange fellow :

Beban dosa yang berlebihan.