First here is a tweet by Kadir Jasin. This is the second time in a week that I am hearing this.  

UMNO is breaking up. There are factions and schisms that are taking positions. Plenty backstabbing going on.

“None of the Ministers support Najib.”

Yes I have also heard that if they declare an Emergency, they will arrest all critics including OutSyed The Box.  We all have to be prepared folks.

But this is where MOI is really losing his cool and going off his rocker.

If none of the Ministers support Najib anymore, then how is he going to declare an emergency?  

Zahid Hamidi is not with Najib. 

ALL the Sabah and Sarawak Ministers are NOT with Najib.

UMNO ministers are NOT with Najib.

MIC, MCA and other BN components do not have the STUPIDITY to help Najib commit any crime. 



Even his own cousin Hishamuddin is not 100% with Najib.

So how is Najib even going to think about declaring an Emergency?


Senior news people say the sudden exposure about the Wang Klian murders and massacres is designed to embarrass Zahid Hamidi the Minister of Home Affairs under whose watch the Wang Klian story first broke. 

First some ‘slow learner’ issues to sort out.

The NST says :   ‘NST Special Probes Team is bound by journalistic ethics in honouring the condition Khalid imposed, which was not to publish what he had told us’

Tiu n_a ma journalistic ethics.  

Over 130 people have been tortured, murdered and buried in unmarked graves. This is mass murder. This is a crime. Not revealing information or evidence makes you accesssory to this murder.  Especially after the NST (not anyone else) has already accused the Police of destroying evidence and a massive cover up. 

If the NST probe team has heard anything new or different from the former IGP that implicates anyone or anything over this mass murder, then they should make a Police Report. Otherwise you are using your “journalistic ethics’ to play politics. This is mass murder. 

  • police had cleared the campsite where the mass graves were discovered, destroying potential evidences at the crime scenes
  • Wang Kelian may have been part of a “massive, coordinated cover up”.
  • discovered the first 30 graves. Jan 19, 2015 was when the Wang Kelian tragedy and the mass graves were discovered; not on May 25, as we were led to believe
  • already known about the mass graves at the campsite in a dense part of a jungle on the Thailand-Malaysian borders as early as January 2015.

Meantime Home Minister Zahid Hamidi has said that the file on this case is not closed yet. He has congratulated the NST Team and has said that he hopes their investigations will reveal the truth about Wang Klian.

I dont think so.  There are more powerful people involved. To me the most damaging portion of the NST Report is the following :

  • police on May 25 said camps operating since 2013.
  • syndicates running illicit business virtually unmolested
  • greased palms of border security agencies to continue unmolested
  • Many agencies highly involved in human trafficking
  • serious trans-border crime cannot be eliminated by arresting illegals 
  • authorities working hand-in-glove with these syndicates
  • eradicating problem will be uphill battle,” document stated.document copied to state police, state National Security Council, Perlis and Kedah Border Intelligence Unit, 3rd Battalion GOF, among others.

This human trafficking had been going on since 2013, with the knowledge of Perlis Police, state Majlis Keselamatan Negara or MKN and other agencies entrusted with security.

This looks a little too complicated for Zahid Hamidi to get too involved with.  If this is an attempt to tarnish the image of Zahid Hamidi, I dont think it will stick. 

The Majlis Keselamatan Negara is a private domain of the moron at the PMO. It is NOT under Home Affairs.

Yet this is what it appears to be. There is a power struggle and fight for survival going on within UMNO.  The 2nd liners who are looking beyond Najib and taking uo positions see Zahid Hamidi as a major obstacle in their path. Zahid has to be taken out.

Here is another picture that I received. A commenter says this is photoshopped. I dont know. Looks real enough.

PIC ABOVE – Najib, Takiyudin, Nik Abduh, Tantawi, Tok Pa, Rahim Baling Kedah – Perjumpaan birds of a feather….bincang urusan negara? Urusan politic? Dedak? –

This is some jual beli kambing trading going on.  MOI is in this picture. Fake MBA guy is also there. That looks like Tin Sadin’s son. Tokpa looks really uncomfortable. Kelantan pas-pis-pus by the looks of it.  Its all about survival. This is such a waste of time. PAS has only 14% support among Malays. 

UMNO is really getting desperate.  

The party has factions. Some factions are plotting a ‘post MOI’ scenarion.
Intensive back stabbing and sudden “exposes” are popping up.

Expect to see more Wang Klian type stories pop up.

If there are culprits who need to be investigated, please investigatev the Majlis Keselamatan Negara, the Border Control Agencies, the local Police and other local authorities.  

Will they be investigated? Not likely. So what ‘case solving’ are you talking about?

This is a hatchet job. Target is Zahid Hamidi.