I’m not well and not really in the mood to write.

Just want to highlight this comment which I received just now because I think it’s interesting;

Memang betul bn personalities mostly memang macam sial; especially yg suka menonjolkan siri for the wrong reason dan cakap merapu tanpa berfikir. I do like Mat Hassan of NS and Zambry of Perak.

Ph personalities pun tak kurang macam sial nya jugak. Rafizi huh..dia aje cerdik. I prefer Tony Pua. Tapi ph has more sensible words than bn. But get this – i used to despise LGE but today he proves capable.

Memang betul dah dekat 20 tahun Malaysia berkelahi sama sendiri. Semua gila nak berkuasa termasuk pelakon terbaik di Sg.Buloh tu. Bila berkuasa gerenti salahguna kuasa. Azmin hmm dua kali lima aje. Dia inherit Khalid good work yang lain politik sampah jugak.

My bet goes to the younger DAP reps and Amanah reps

Annie, let’s personalities yg rakyat Malaysia boleh terima memimpin. Keparat2 yg dah memang macam sial cakap dan perangai ni hambuskan. Macam KJ ni boleh la kasi chance subject to dia polish telor sendiri danjangan polish telor orang lain. H2O..buang terus. Dua duit pun tak berguna. Suruh dia pergu asah dan asapkan keris umno yg dah berkarat.

Quite a good suggestion, don’t you think?

By the way, I think I got it right when I wrote this;


– Everyone who should know about the deal, knew about it from day one. Nothing was said about it because everyone agreed that there’s nothing wrong with the deal. That’s the reason why MACC was quick to say there was no element of corruption in the deal. They knew it much earlier and had checked on it much before BH broke the story.

– The whole brouhahah was actually started by a bunch of people who were unhappy because the land deal leads to other deals which benefit a gang of people, believed to be linked with Isa. They were unhappy because they were left out of it, actually.

– These unhappy people, who have a degree of control over Media Prima are the ones who told BH to break the story which triggered all the noises.

– Shahrir responded to it because…..well, Shahrir is Shahrir…..he simply has to say something.

– All in all, this is just another palace intrigue. A struggle for power and profits between one gang of eunuchs against another gang of eunuchs. Something like that.

Read Rocky’s

Ah, Felda did not lose its Samarak land after all!


The salient points:

Para 7:

The PM says report(s) that claimed the Felda land in Semarak had been lost were inaccurate.

Para 4&5:

The PM had directed Felda on Dec 11, 10 days before the BH broke the story  to:

(a) determine if there was abuse of power or/and corruption in the procedures for KL Vertical City, the ongoing project on the Felda Semarak land and

(b) lodge a police report

Rocky also asked,


The MACC has ruled OUT any element of corruption in the deal between FIC and Synergy Promenade (No elements of graft in Felda land transfer, says MACC – Dec 21) so we are looking at other “elements”, if anything at all. Refer to Para 8: IF the audit firm and the police find any form of misappropriation, the Government will take legal action.

What if the audit firm and the police don’t find anything?

What if the deal wasn’t “dubious” as reported?

Well, if the whole nonsense is really just nonsense (which I believe it is), then Najib should know that his eunuchs are having another round of bullshit fighting among themselves for their personal wealth and interests at the expense of BN and Umno.

I believe one gang of the eunuchs pushed for an investigation on the deal and to make sure the whole thing goes their way, they ordered a story on it to be published in Berita Harian.

Now Najib should also know that those ass kissers at Media Prima are willing to publish fake and misleading news in their newspapers, which are damaging to BN and Umno just to please those self serving eunuchs.

Kalau Najib tak nampak juga, aku tak tau la nak kata apa lagi.

Shit…past 2am now.

I better get some sleep.

Need to take those medication first…this coughing is killing me.

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