Following his exit from Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, former senator Ezam Mohd Nor has vowed to continue fighting against alleged corruption linked to 1MDB and prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.

In a statement today, Ezam said he remains unaffected by those who accused him of no longer having any credibility, the latest purportedly being two columnists at Utusan Malaysia and The Star.

“It is okay. It does not affect me because I’m confident that I am right and facts have proven that the worthless one is not me.

“The worthless one is the prime minister and newspapers owned by his parties that are willing to be equally worthless,” he said.

Ezam also insisted that it was Najib and columnists of the BN-linked dailies who had loss their credibility by getting involved in or covering-up the 1MDB scandal.

“All around the world major newspapers are questioning and revealing facts about the massive scandal…

“In Malaysia, our main newspapers are silent. It was as if Najib is not our prime minister and 1MDB is not a state-owned firm,” he said.

News blackout

Referring to the 1MDB-linked trials in Singapore, Ezam claimed that the newspapers in Malaysia had buried the reports which made headlines across the region.

Instead, local newspapers, said Ezam, were only interested in praising Najib while condemning former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
“Would this condemnations affect us? Of course not. How could newspapers that have loss credibility criticse others and yet have an impact?,” he said.


Utusan Malaysia editor Zulkefli Hamzah in his column yesterday highlighted Ezam’s rise as a young man who once served as former political secretary to jailed de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Zulkefli, however, claimed that Ezam, who is now 52, have loss his credibility after several failed “sensational political gimmicks” – including a two-year stint in jail for possesion of official government secrets – and attempts to lead his own anti-corruption NGO.

Ezam had on Dec 30 confirmed his decision to quit Bersatu, after handing in his application form just three months ago, to focus on dealing with the 1MDB and Felda scandals through a group known as the Hisbah Centre for Reform.

– M’kini