When I announced that I would award a prize of RM10,000 to the winner of an essay competition on the above topic, many people thought I was not serious. Some believed I was responding in a tit-for-tat manner to UMNO’s essay competition entitled “Why Lim Kit Siang is a racist and anti-Islam”. UMNO offered more money but my competition is real and of far more interest to analysts, writers and serious thinkers. UMNO’S offer is not worthy of serious consideration—it’s a cheap political gimmick and a sad reflection of the state this once major party is now in.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has many failures, but if I were a participant in this competition I would consider his biggest failure as a leader to be his wanton disregard for truth. He uses his office to create doubt in the minds of the people about what is and isn’t real on any subject he wishes. He redefines reality day to day by blurring the line between truth and lies. Facts are spun into conspiracies and the opinions of those he disagrees with become a crime. People are asking if the truth is dead under this PM.

He is no different from US President Donald Trump in this regard, except Americans still have a free Press and the media are not placed in a stranglehold as they are here. Institutions of government such as the FBI, the Justice Department, the police and the judiciary are still independent of the President’s office. Colleges and universities are still capable of equipping young Americans with the tools of sound logic and reasoning, critical thinking and the search of truth.

Malaysia is different and that’s why Najib can get away with grave distortions of the truth. Our education system has produced weak minds that are unable to discern the simple facts of life. That’s why we have bomohs who seek to find missing airplanes using coconuts, why students believe drinking holy water can give them As in their exams and why PAS still has followers who believe this party can help them get into heaven. It’s also our education system that makes us wary of having a debate in a public place on a subject such as money laundering.



Our education system has produced sycophants and cheap academics who support lies because they rely on political connections for their career advancement. Our institutions of government have become so politicised that those who helm the government are afraid of the Prime Minister. The Barisan Nasional’s complete control of the media makes it more difficult for people with weak minds to discern what is really happening in the world. Najib has taken full advantage of this state of affairs to continue to rule, but in the process he has caused damage and a great disservice to the country. This is why he is the worst PM we have ever had.

Anyway, there must be other good reasons you can think of on the subject. You can read the terms and conditions of the essay competition, both in Bahasa Malaysia and English, by clicking on the link attached to this blog. Submit your essay to the given address before 30 September 2017 and who knows—you might be the winner!

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