A friend called last night and requested for me to write about the Food Flotilla for Rohingya, which is the brainchild of Umno’s DS Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim.

“Annie, you write la sikit apa pasal that ship Bangladesh tak bagi landing dia orang punya port. I’m also wondering about something. From what I know, you all Muslims should not let your left hand knows that your right hand is doing a good deed. Why so much funfare for this one?” my friend said.


Well, as far as I’m concerned, Azeez is quite an irritating ass.

But that’s me. You all may like him and his showy ways.

Really, what my friend said is actually true. I think that if you want to do good, you don’t show it off like that. That makes it too obvious that you are not sincere and only doing it because you want to score some brownie points.

Heck, even if you are doing it for your own sake, be subtle la, for God’s sake.

Okay, maybe others can argue that Azeez was really sincere, and that he was just like that because he can’t help himself. Just look at the way his name was spelt.

Fine. Who am I to judge him in the first place.

Still, I think the guy should moderate his eagerness over such things.

As for why the ship was not allowed to dock at the Bangladeshi port, I saw this story last night which explains it,

excerpt :

In a statement issued here today, the Foreign Ministry said the Bangladeshi government’s action was based on the fact that the Teknaf Port was shallow, with a depth of only three metres while the ship needed a depth of at least eight metres to move without hindrance to the port.

Seriously, can’t they check first whether the ship can dock there before setting sail?

I can’t help telling myself “There goes Anifah saving these jokers again”.

Actually it’s true. I heard Foreign Minister DS Anifah Aman had to call up his buddies in Bangladesh and Myanmar to settle the problem.

Anifah is one of those ministers whom I’m cool with.

The guy is good at what he’s doing.

He doesn’t do empty rhetorics and I have not known him bullshitting people.

Contrary to the belief of anti-government people, Malaysia with Anifah playing a key role was actually instrumental in the first real effort to help the Rohingya. I highlighted that in this post in May 2015,
Really, Malaysia is doing its best for those poor people since back then.

Yes, there had been some miscommunications about the Rohingya refugees issue, but in actual fact, we never really turned them back to die at sea.

There are so many of them here already.

Out of the about 150,000 refugees in Malaysia, 55,000 of them are Rohingyas.

Based on that, Malaysia is perhaps among the most compassionate countries in the world.

Some of you all may not like it too much that those people are here, but what to do, we are just like that in this country.