PETALING JAYA – An opposition leader has criticised the rhetoric by Prime Minister Najib Razak against the move by United States President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

Parti Amanah Negara strategy director Dzulkefly Ahmad was referring to the fiery speech by Najib at the rally for Jerusalem held in Putrajaya yesterday.

“Najib on his visit to the US in September, pledged to uplift the US economy with a promise to purchase 25 Boeings 737-MAX 10 and 8 Dreamliners 787, all worth in excess of US$10 billion (RM41.9 billion).

“Now that Trump has decided to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem, will Najib’s ‘over my dead body’ rhetoric in yesterday’s solidarity rally, warrant him to rescind the Malaysian orders of US$10 billion US airplanes, for a start?” Dzulkefly asked.

At a rally for Jerusalem in Putrajaya yesterday, Najib had said he would not let Jerusalem become Israel’s capital, suggesting he was willing to sacrifice his life for the cause of the Palestinians.

“We will not budge, we will not budge in our defence for the plight of the Palestinians, and the returning of Jerusalem to them (as promised by the late Salahuddin Al-Ayubi).

“Even if it means cutting me up into pieces, leaving behind only one piece of ‘meat’, we will not budge,” he said.

Dzulkefly added that Malaysia as well as leaders of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) needed to do more than just talk, and organise mass demonstrations.

“The OIC, a conglomerate of 59 Muslim countries, the second largest organization after the UN needs to be more creative and ingenious in its response to the Trump challenge.

“Is it not plainly obvious to the OIC and the Muslim world in general, that Trump only understands the language of ‘The Almighty Dollar’, and is terribly desperate to rehabilitate the US economy,” he said.


Dzulkefly added that Trump is keen on trade ties and wants to attract foreign investments from the affluent nations of the OIC.

“Yet, the recent summit of the OIC did not at any point in time address the issue of applying economic pressure let alone consider economic or diplomatic boycott.

“The OIC should undertake firm, creative and unconventional actions to teach Trump a lesson in international economics, diplomacy, decorum and the rule of law.”

The former PAS man also reminded Najib and OIC leaders that the world already knew about Trump’s plans before he got elected last year.

“Kindly be reminded that Trump in his election manifesto, had posited the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and this was reaffirmed by his vice-president Mike Pence in May 2017.”

Dzulkefly urged  the OIC to instead undertake firm, creative and unconventional actions to teach Trump a lesson in international economics, diplomacy, decorum and the rule of law.

“But this is unlikely, with the likes of Saudi King Salman and his ambitious son, who are beefing the US economy with their US$7 billion purchase of ‘guided munitions’ to decimate Yemen and while imposing an economic boycott against Qatar.”