Woke up quite early today.

Still in relaxed mode.

Checked the net to see if there’s anything interesting.

Found none.

Okay, maybe some people think this one is interesting,

but to me it’s just typical Shahrir.

Making big announcements about the work before actually doing the work.

Was it so necessary to do that?

For me that’s just awkward.

Imagine what all those Felda people are thinking right now.

Shahrir already telling the world he’s going to kick their ass even before he enters the office.

So much aggravation.

Why can’t he just go in and do the necessary first before saying all that?

Well, whatever lah.

Just wait and see what’s going to happen.

Cakap banyak pun bukannya ada guna.

Anyway, it reminds me of a conversation I had with a Japanese friend quite a while back.

We were having dinner at a yakitori restaurant in Seri Hartamas.

He asked me how to know whether a Malaysian politician is a good guy?

“A good one works more and talks less,” I said.

The guy smiled and agreed.


Almost all who talk a lot are just bullshitters.

They criticise everyone and everything but when given the work, they can’t do any better or can’t do the work at all.

Pandai buat bising saja.

As if they are the ones who are so good and pure.

Check their track record and see whether they are really good or just appeared to be good, okay.

End of the day, it’s the end results of the works that count, not the talks.

Talk is cheap.

It’s also one of the reasons why I like Japanese.

They just do their work well and don’t talk too much.

They only talk when necessary.

If you ever been to Tokyo station which is the biggest railway station in Japan, you would know what I mean.

During peak hours, the station would be packed with hundred thousands of people, yet you hardly hear much noise.

The Japanese go around doing their things without making much noise.

They just focused at doing their work well instead of talking too much about it.

That’s why they are so good at what they are doing.

That’s discipline.

And guys, please stop watching Japanese porn. Those are fakes, okay. They are not really crazy perverts and they don’t make so much noise as in the videos (As people told me lah).

Better watch these kind of Japanese videos instead and learn something from them,

Nice, isn’t it.

Sounds of Japan, not noises of Japan.

I miss those quiet autumn evenings at the ryokan of a small beautiful onsen town.