This is from the Singapore Straits Times here.

Major shipping companies move to Singapore

raising doubts over plans for new harbours

Shannon Teoh Malaysia Bureau Chief In Kuala Lumpur

Business at Port Klang hit this year

major shipping companies shift to Singapore

raised questions over plans to build new harbours, rail links

Ocean Alliance – includes China Cosco world’s 4-largest

made huge to Singapore terminal in April

concerns over China’s commitment to logistics industry in M’sia.

RM55 billion East Coast Rail Link built and financed by China.

Najib called “alternative trade route” to Singapore.

Other infra plans not taken off or are only loans

or worse just Chinese companies construction deals

cargo down a sharp 8.4% in 2nd qtr 2017 to 3 million (TEU)

Westports conservatively 2017 may decline 7-12%

next year’s prospects remain “murky”

loss of transshipment volumes

from giant United Arab Shipping Company (UASC)

and France’s CMA CGM.

up to 2 million TEU annually.

Both groups handle half world’s shipping capacity

started realigning in April

more than half of Klang’s Asia-Europe shifted to Singapore

Singapore saw 9.6% jump in 2nd quarter to 8.5 m TEU.

Among world’s top 20 ports Klang and PTP drop in volume

in first half of this year.

concerns of oversupply for RM43b Melaka Gateway, Carey Island


Chinese companies have reservations over viability.

Carey Island has Indian partner, valued halved to RM100b

govt gave Westports permission to double capacity to 30m TEU

what Singapore handled last year

despite volume shrinking

M’sian govt insisting cargo volumes to rise

My comments :  Out of 20 busiest ports in the world, only TWO ports ie Klang and Tanjong Pelepas have recorded shrinking volumes.

Yet the gomen says that our economic growth is strong.

Do you know what an dockland  looks like? A dockland need not be a harbour for cargo shipping but it is n’theless tied to shipping.

 This is Glasgow, Scotland by the Clyde River. I have been there, to see the great Clydebank where so many great ships of the British Empire were built.  It was a mark of quality and pure greatness to say a ship was ‘Clyde built’.  The sun never set on the British Empire.

For the past 50 or 60 years the Clyde bank has been overgrown with grass and weeds. You can see the picture.  The sun set on their empire.

Compare the British Empire to Moron, Hippo, Javanese Monkey and the other idiots running the show.