A Malaysian police forensic team excavates an unmarked grave in Wang Burma at the Malaysia-Thailand border outside Wang Kelian, Malaysia on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Malaysian forensic teams exhumed a body from a shallow grave at an abandoned camp on Tuesday that was used by human traffickers, the first of what police predicted would be more grim findings as they combed through a cluster of jungle camps on the border with Thailand. (AP Photo/Joshua Paul)

This NST story actually makes our police and other security agencies look bad;

The secrets of Wang Kelian exposed

These last few paragraphs suggested that the so-called cover-up went all the way to the top;


Trying a different tack, the team sent a number of text messages to the then inspector-general of police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar. They, too, went unanswered.

Finally, the team managed to track Khalid down at an event at a bowling alley in the capital, and asked him about Wang Kelian.

After listening to us, Khalid finally relented and agreed to talk, but on one condition — that the conversation not be recorded. His ADC made sure of it.

The team had a number of burning questions, not least of which was why had the discovery of the death camps been kept a secret. What was the overwhelming justification in allowing the slaughter of scores of innocents, including women and children, to continue unabated?

Khalid was visibly apprehensive when confronted with these questions. It took a while before he finally spoke.

And when he did, his voice betrayed the enormity of what he was about to tell us.

The NST Special Probes Team is bound by journalistic ethics in honouring the condition Khalid imposed, which was not to publish what he had told us.

If the former IGP himself was not willing to come out in the open about the supposed mystery, then the alleged cover-up must have gone further up than him.

At least that’s how I understand it.

Bear in mind that despite the title of the article, all that were written in the report had never been confirmed.

They were all coming from unnamed sources.

Khalid being “visibly apprehensive” and “his voice betrayed the enormity” of what supposedly happened in Wang Kelian were the closest the report came to properly exposing the secrets.

By the way, who is higher than an IGP when it comes to this matter?

Well, his immediate superior I believe is the Home Minister.

That should be DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

By right Zahid should have said something about it today.

I was informed by a journalist friend that Zahid had a function today at the place where they produced our passports.

However, he told me that journalists attending the event were not allowed to ask questions about Wang Kelian.

That’s weird.

The pro-Pakatan people are already saying that the NST report is part of a plan to get rid of Zahid.

You can check it out in some of their prominent blogs.

They said the report was purposely made not to only make the police look bad, but also to undermine Zahid.

Well, I think Zahid should better come up with some answers as soon as possible.


Anyway, how about the current IGP?

Hopefully some of the clever journalists have already got to him on this supposed “Wang Kelian cover-up”.

By the way, why the report didn’t get him to say something in the first place ya?

This almost made it as if the current IGP is also involved in the “cover up”.

If there’s no cover-up, then he would have said something, right?

Don’t tell me NST doesn’t have access to the current IGP.

Personally, I don’t believe our police and other security agencies are that bad.

I’m convinced there must be some right answers coming out soon.

Guess we have to just wait then.

By the way, I don’t think this report answer the real question here,

Wang Kelian case still open, Nur Jazlan says

That’s a standard PR answer of “Kita akan siasat”.

Again, the real question is;

Is it true that there had been a cover-up by police or anyone?