IF we ever wondered whether Prime Minister Najib Razak has skin as thin as US President Donald Trump, wonder no more. He has.

Today, Najib told Malaysian journalists to stop spreading “fake news”, saying that some statements have been misinterpreted and purposely circulated to confuse Malaysians.

“We are faced with what is now known as ‘fake news’. This is especially so with online or alternative media that has influenced Malaysians, notably among the younger generation.

“We must work quickly to combat fake news that has been spread online and is planned towards misleading and causing hatred towards the leaders,” said Najib during a high-tea event with 100 women journalists in Kuala Lumpur.

His grouse involves his comments when meeting Trump at his White House visit on September 12.

In comments heard in a White House video, Najib said Malaysia would help strengthen the US economy by way of investments and trade.

“I said I came (to the United States) to strengthen the economy. But when I said that I didn’t mean we will be putting investments into the US without benefiting from the American economy.

“The statement meant that we are not asking or begging from them. But that we are there as a successful country that can be a significant role model,” said Najib.

So which part of what was reported is false, that Malaysia would strengthen the US economy? Yes, the White House video has that on record. That it would benefit the Malaysian economy, nope, not until now.

Not even in the US media, or is that because Trump calls them “fake news” too?

Let’s take the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) case, sir. Which part is false?

That one of the biggest acts of theft or abuse took place at the state-owned firm? That Mr Low Taek Jho is a close buddy of the Malaysian prime minister?. That his stepson was a beneficiary of the funds funnelled from 1MDB?

Which of this is fake news, sir?

Because there are reports of a settlement between your step-son’s production house Red Granite and the US Department of Justice (DoJ) over the funds allegedly obtained from 1MDB.

Was your big announcement last weekend also fake news, sir? Because that was what the mainstream media was speculating more than the online media. They made it out to be something huge, or yuge as Trump would say.

In the end, it was just a geriatric politician past his prime jumping ship. Perhaps it was a big thing for you, sir.

But it was not huge at all, in fact it was just fake news.