This is an excerpt from my previous post

– However, just the other day, another source based in KL said Khaled had succeeded in his appeal to remain as Johor MB  for another term.

I met that source for dinner the other night and to my surprise he said he wanted to take back what he said to me.

The latest that he heard Khaled will indeed be replaced as Johor MB.

I told him that it doesn’t matter as these are all just speculations.

My source also pointed out that all three names I put as possible new Johor MB candidates in that previous post were not going to be so.

“One of them only wants to make more money, another is totally out because of an issue concerning water supply in Johor which is pending to explode, the other one I know you simply put in your post just to tickle someone. Why don’t you put the name of that former state secretary instead? Very naughty,” he said.

I was like “Uh uh….okay…..former SS…..hmmmm”.

And that’s about it.

I thought I don’t want to pursue the damn thing anymore because I believe Khaled’s boys were already angry enough with me for speculating about their boss.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter one bit to my life whether Khaled remains or removed as MB.

However, last night a friend from JB called and brought up the issue again.

The guy who lives in Taman Perling said he heard that our DS Nur Jazlan Mohamed, who is the Pulai MP and deputy home minister will contest the Kempas state seat in the next general election.

Both of us voted for Jazlan in Pulai in the last general election.

“Hey, why would the chubby boy do that? He’s crazy or what?” I exclaimed when my friend told me that.

“He’s going to be the next MB lah,” said my friend.

“Jazlan’s going to contest Kempas and that very fat guy who is the current ADUN there will contest Pulai. I heard that’s what Putrajaya wants,” he added.

I just laughed when he said all that but in my mind I started to think – is that possible?

Actually it is.

From what I know Jazlan has always wanted to be either a full minister or a menteri besar.

Anything smaller is a waste of his talents…at least that’s to my understanding.

The guy is actually quite smart too.

And I know that the Sultan of Johor is quite okay with him.

So, the possibility of Jazlan replacing Khaled as MB is actually quite real.

Well, I don’t mind Jazlan too much.

For one thing, he’s a Sino-Malay like me. Sino-Malay is the “in thing” in Johor these days, okay.

Met him a couple of time and found him to be quite a pleasant chap.

He even talked freely with me about being frustrated for not being given more responsibilities by the Umno leadership and how he contemplated returning to the corporate world because of that.

The guy is going to be 52 next year, just the right age to move up to a position such as menteri besar.

Well, not so bad if it really happens to him.

Of course, all these provided that BN can win in the coming election lah.