Umno is thinking “inside and outside of the box” to recapture Selangor in the coming general election, the party’s information chief Annuar Musa said.

He noted that one of Umno’s agenda for the 14th general election is to reclaim the state, which fell to the opposition in the 12th general election polls in 2008.

“We are drawing up strategies… BN developed this state not (Menteri Besar) Azmin (Ali). Selangor is the pride of Umno and the ‘golden child’ of Umno.

“We will not accept the state being under the leadership of others,” Annuar was quoted as saying by Umno Online.

He was speaking during a Town Hall session together with the Sepang Umno division last night.

Annuar’s remarks come amid speculation of defections and a possible coup happening in Selangor, similar to what transpired in Perak in 2009.

However, Pakatan Harapan has dismissed the speculation.

Annuar also believes that the opposition is losing sleep more than the BN as it is saddled with problems.

“Do they sleep well? No… They are losing sleep more than us… facing so many problems… they have shot all kinds of ‘bullets’.

“Whereas, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s ‘bullets’ have not been fired. We haven’t finished (firing) our ‘bullets’,” he said.

Annuar urged the machinery of Sepang Umno to work together as a team to recapture the constituency in the coming general election.

“We want Umno members to be united and recapture Sepang. We were defeated because of internal divisions at one time,” he added,

The Ketereh MP said it is better to be a “small person” in a ship that is safe and sails well towards its destination.

“This is a struggle… I’d rather be a small person in a safe ship than in a big ship that is leaking. Prioritise the party. What is the point of winning when our government is defeated?” he added.

The Sepang parliamentary constituency has been in the hands of Amanah’s Hanipa Maidin since the 2013 general election.

– M’kini