Since that day Mahathir has never forgiven Zahid and when they detained Anwar under the ISA on 20th September 1998 they also detained Zahid at the same time. Zahid was then told if he wants to get released from detention and not spend the next few years under the ISA he must sign a letter resigning as the Umno Youth Leader.

PKR, PAN, PPBM and DAP are very angry that PAS attended a briefing on 1MDB. In fact, ex-Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim attended that briefing as well and this is his view on the matter: The Roundtable Discussion With 1MDB (READ HERE).

Why are the members of Pakatan Harapan angry that PAS attended the briefing on 1MDB? Well, that is because the confusion and misperception would now be cleared up and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad can no longer say RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money has disappeared into thin air because now everyone knows that is not true.

Mahathir was so angry about the 1MDB briefing that he wrote the piece below in his blog. In fact, Mahathir’s article today looks like it has been plagiarised or ciplak from something that Anwar said about Mahathir back in 1998. All you need to do is to change the title from ‘TAK MALU’ to ‘MAHATHIR TAK MALU’ and Mahathir’s blog posting today could actually have been talking about himself.

Ezam revealed he has six boxes of evidence that can send Mahathir to jail for the rest of his life

Do you remember Anwar’s famous ‘Mamak Bendahara’ speech just before he was arrested on 20th September 1998 and the long list of Mahathir’s acts of robbery? Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor supported what Anwar said by revealing that they have six boxes of evidence to prove that Mahathir stole more than RM100 billion of the rakyat’s money and that if the opposition ever comes to power they are going to use this evidence to send Mahathir to jail for the rest of his life.

But Anwar and Ezam were not the first to reveal how much Mahathir stole. In 1996, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had already revealed the list of Mahathir’s transgressions and the old man was outraged. Mahathir then retaliated by revealing the list of Anwar’s transgressions to counter the allegations against him and to show that Anwar was equally guilty of corruption. (Read ‘Malaysia in 1996: Mahathir-Anwar Bouts, UMNO Election, and Sarawak Surprise’ by James Chin, University of California Press).

Since that day Mahathir has never forgiven Zahid and when they detained Anwar under the ISA on 20th September 1998 they also detained Zahid at the same time. Zahid was then told if he wants to get released from detention and not spend the next few years under the ISA he must sign a letter resigning as the Umno Youth Leader.

Mahathir arrested Zahid and Anwar at the same time

This was what Zahid said five days ago, as reported by Malaysiakini — ‘Zahid: They made me resign while under ISA detention.’

“The Umno president at the time was never happy that I won and he did not want me to be the Youth chief. So I only held the post for about two years. And because that person did not like me, a way was found to kick me out of the Umno Youth chief post.”

Zahid was detained under the ISA in August 1998 and was told to sign a letter resigning as the Umno Youth Leader if he wants to be released

Mahathir told many people that he cannot accept Zahid as the Deputy Prime Minister because he is too close to Anwar. Mahathir is worried that Zahid may help Anwar get out of jail early after serving only two-thirds of his sentence and then help him receive a Royal Pardon so that he can once again become active in politics and contest the elections.

Mahathir cannot accept Zahid not only because of the 1996 episode that revealed how corrupt Mahathir is but also because of Zahid’s supposedly close link to Anwar. So, if being close to Anwar is considered unacceptable, then how can Anwar be acceptable? If you reject Zahid because he is close to Anwar that would mean you reject Anwar as well. You cannot accept Anwar but reject all those people who are close to him.

This means Mahathir cannot accept Anwar as Prime Minister if he cannot accept Zahid as Deputy Prime Minister on grounds that the two of them are too close. To say you want Anwar as Prime Minister but you do not want Zahid as Deputy Prime Minister because he and Anwar are too close does not make sense.

Now read below what Mahathir wrote today — which appears like it was stolen from what Zahid said about Mahathir in 1996, what Anwar said about Mahathir in 1998, and what Ezam said about Mahathir in 1999. Did maybe Mahathir ask Ezam to help write his blog posting today? It sounds exactly like something that Ezam would say, minus the six boxes of evidence that he has kept under his bed.


Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. Perasaan malu sudah tidak ada lagi di kalangan ramai anggota Kerajaan hari ini. Mereka tak tahu malu walau apa pun kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh mereka, walau apa pun kebiadaban mereka.

2. Mereka didapati mencuri tetapi mereka tidak sedikit pun berasa malu. Didakwa mencuri, dibukti mencuri – tak mengapa.

3. Dunia panggil mereka pencuri, perasuah, penyangak – tak apa. Senyum sahaja.

4. Kerana perbuatan mereka, negara dihina, dinyatakan sebagai antara sepuluh buah negara yang tertinggi tahap rasuahnya – pun tak mengapa.

5. Negara dipanggil kleptokrasi, negara yang dipimpin oleh pencuri yang mencuri duit Kerajaan – negara yang tidak lagi demokratik – tak mengapa.

6. Perdana Menteri, isteri, anak, kawan, didakwa selewengkan duit negara – okay.

7. Menteri, pegawai tinggi dituduh mencuri duit – tak apa. Tak ada sedikit pun malu walaupun tak dapat bertindak dengan saman malu ke atas yang menuduh. Ugut untuk ambil tindakan undang-undang tetapi tidak buat apa-apa, tak malu.

8. Ada pegawai yang naik pangkat atau dapat jawatan walaupun tidak layak, tidak mengikut aturan peraturan, bercanggah dengan undang-undang – tak malu.

9. Menerima duit yang dicuri, apa salahnya? Terima kasih. Cium tangan pemberi durian runtuh.

10. Diketahui mendapat pangkat atau jawatan kerana cekap membodek, sanggup melaksanakan arahan yang salah oleh boss, pun tak malu.

11. Maruah sudah tidak dijunjung lagi. Biarlah dihina, biarlah dipandang rendah, asalkan dapat duit, dapat tempat, dapat pangkat. Pedulikan maruah.

12. Masyarakat pandang jijik, menyampah – pedulikan. Sesungguhnya kerana mereka ini, bangsa menjadi bangsat di negara sendiri. Tak lama lagi bangsa bangsat ini kehilangan negara, menjadi penumpang di negara sendiri, anak cucu jadi kuli.

13. Ini pun tak mengapa kerana yang tak tahu malu tidak akan berasa malu menjadi pengemis, kuli di negara sendiri.

Raja Petra Kamarudin