I AM responding to Eric See-To’s article where he tries to justify why Barisan Nasional has failed to prevent a weakening Malaysian economy. (The World Bank’s latest report forecasts Malaysia’s growth rate will drop to 5% in 2018, and decrease to 4.8% in 2019.)

If BN responded to the rakyat’s concerns as urgently as Eric did to the World Bank’s criticisms, Malaysia would be a more advanced economy.

Eric gets his economic analysis wrong. He gets the World Bank’s forecast for Malaysia wrong. He believes all bad economic news is “propaganda” by “the opposition”.

It’s embarrassing to watch Eric argue Malaysia’s economy is “outperforming” Singapore’s, which would be news to any Asian or foreign investor.

Instead, Singapore’s GNI per capita (US$51,880) is more than five times higher than Malaysia’s (US$9,850), which is still shrinking. There is just no comparison to Singapore’s unmatched global influenceentrepreneurship and ability to attract global talent.

Consider BN’s typical sequence of emotions:

  1. Whinge BN is being unfairly treated, not the rakyat.
  2. Moan any criticism of BN is “fake news” (translation: facts BN doesn’t like).
  3. Target anybody who comments on the government’s numerous weaknesses as “the Opposition”.
  4. Wait for arguments to cool down, then go back to step 1.

When you’ve been an entitled BN “elite of the elite” for much of your career, any criticism feels like oppression to you.

He never explains what BN is doing to address the World Bank report Malaysia’s household debt “exceeds 70% of GDP”.

He never explains what BN is trying to do to address the UN’s data about Malaysia’s rapidly-increasing youth unemployment rate – one of the worst in Asia.

Every Malaysian parent should be outraged by these typical BN avoidance tactics.

Eric nervously vomits an avalanche of only the hand-picked, biased “alternative facts”, then repeats feeble excuses for BN’s recent economic failures.

Eric also tries to argue the reason why Malaysia hasn’t reached G20 is because of its population of “only” 31 million people. But he’s wrong yet again: At least three of the G20 nations have population sizes approximately equal to Malaysia’s.

If Malaysia is in decline on the Asian stage, then Eric’s ignorance of basic economic facts is a certain sign of it. He may wish to enroll in a short course on Macroeconomics or Political Economy at Universiti Malaya.

Najib Razak has proved to be the weakest prime minister we have had. Can Eric tell us what Najib’s approval rating is today? In a survey, the Merdeka Centre found only 23% of Malaysian voters are satisfied with the BN government – the lowest approval rating ever. Time Magazine also described Najib as one of the world’s five most unpopular heads of state.

If Eric still feels upset about the World Bank’s reports,  he can always read for a biased, incomplete picture of the people’s concerns.

Eric “works” in “strategic communications”, even though nothing he communicates is even slightly strategic.

I say to each Malaysian: A brighter post-Barisan future is coming. Our golden opportunity is near. But it’s up to you to register to vote as soon as possible.

Then, let’s all quietly express our votes for total national change.