The following story by Malay Mail has since disappeared.

KL Feb 1 ― At least one traveller from M’sia among 71 detained at JFK y’day
following 7 nation travel blacklist by Trump executive order
travellers from M’sia among those embroiled
unknown if traveller is M’sian or exited Malaysia and was caught
ban affected travelers from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, Libya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, France, Algeria, Jordan, China, Malaysia, Qatar, Senegal, Switzerland, Algeria, Egypt, and Guinea,” the group said tweeted that M’sia was on a list of 20 new countries banned by US
Smith clarified countries on his list not in seven-country blacklist
Malay Mail contacted Foreign Ministry, US Embassy – waiting response
US Embassy said M’sians not affected

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My comments : So far there is no ban against travellers from Malaysia visiting the US. The report above has since disappeared from the Malay Mail Online.

If it happened it could be unrelated to the travel ban by the US.

However there is no guarantee that the travel ban may not be expanded to other countries. Lets wait and see.

If Malaysia is added to this list, I will not be surprised. All sorts of terrorists and terrorist mentors have been discovered operating in Malaysia.

You shall reap what you sow.