MYSTERY 19-HOUR DELAY: Passenger lashes out at Malaysia Airlines

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia Airlines repeatedly delayed a Mumbai-Kuala Lumpur flight on September 8 that left passengers waiting without information for 19 hours, according to a traveller.

Facebook user Josh Awang vented his frustration in a post that recounted how his MH187 flight at 2am that day was delayed without notice until passengers confronted ground crew for information.

“By 2:30am after I pressured the airport staff for answers, and others started to corner the airport staff for answers, they revealed that the new departure time was going to be 5am,” he wrote in his post.

“And then a little while later, they revised it to 6:00am. A little while later some more, it was revised to 10:00am. But then they said they were not sure.”

He said the group only received an official electronic notice after this point, with the notification saying the flight was further pushed back to 5pm.

He added that the group was then given hotel rooms, but it took the airline four hours to transport the group of 80 to the hotel just 1.6km away.

“Even while waiting to get our taxi ride, there was no organisation or airport staff or MAS staff to assist so everyone had to fight to get their ride,” he said.

Josh Awang further alleged that the airline booked passengers into twin-sharing rooms, with strangers made to stay together.

He also pointed out that a solitary Muslim girl was also a passenger on the flight, and questioned if she was also made to stay with a male traveller.

Josh added that he managed to negotiate a room to himself, but ended up paying for it himself.

“And up till now, no information is given as to what time is the next possible flight time, no notice on what time to check out… no information whatsoever. Everyone has to go up to the hotel staff to check for themselves!,” he said.

Josh Awang said the departure time was later revised again to 6pm, and eventually took off at 9pm.

Malay Mail Online has contacted Malaysia Airlines on the matter and are waiting for an official statement on the incident.

– Malay Mail