PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is trying to protect Prime Minister Najib Razak from charges of corruption and funds misappropriation by ensuring that Umno wins the next general election.

And Hadi will work to ensure a victory for Umno even at the expense of PAS losing in the polls, said former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad on his blog chedet.cc today.

To achieve his aims, Hadi will make use of Islam even though his efforts to implement have stalled, said the Bersatu chairman.

“They say they want to bring a motion on RUU355. But the reality is that it has been postponed again and again. PAS will continue to use RUU355 as a tool to gain political support,” said Dr Mahathir.

“Such is PAS. Before PAS, Malays were united and treated one another as brethren. The split among Muslims and Malays began with PAS but it wasn’t so bad until Hadi came out with his Amanat  .”

“Hadi has asked me to repent. But it is Hadi who needs to repent.”

The PAS president recently told Dr Mahathir to repent for the things he had done when he was the prime minister.

Hadi said Dr Mahathir had never acknowledged or apologised to those he had wronged.

Dr Mahathir today reiterated that a politician had no right to denounce those who did not support his party as “infidels”.

“Where in the Quran or hadith does it state that one is only a Muslim if one joins Pas?

“Are the 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide not considered Muslims  because they are not PAS members?” said Dr Mahathir.

He claimed that “Amanat Hadi”, the PAS leader’s fiery speech that declared that it was “jihad” to fight the government and that those who died doing that were “martyrs”, had contributed to the deaths in the Memali incident on November 19, 1985.

Four policemen and 14 more people, including Islamist militant Ibrahim Libya, were killed in a stand-off between law enforcers and Ibrahim and his followers in a village near Baling in Kedah

“Indeed, Hadi had done a lot of damage to Islam and Muslims in Malaysia. The split caused by Hadi has weakened the Muslims.

“I am aware that many of his (Hadi) followers are loyal to him. They are so obsessed with his teachings that they dismiss what is taught in the Quran and hadith. They accept what Hadi teaches without question,” said Dr Mahathir.

The Memali spectre has recently been raised in the media with parties on opposing sides hurling allegations and casting blame at one another.

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the government was ready to start a royal commission of inquiry into the siege, which had occurred during the reign of Dr Mahathir, who had retorted that such an inquiry would be welcome and it should focus on the role that Hadi had played in the tragedy via “Amanat Hadi.”.

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