1 )  The up coming visit by Dato Najib to meet President Trump in America has raised some interests and also raised some eyebrows . I am sure Mr John Malott, the former American Ambassador to Malaysia, will be eager to follow Najib’s every step the moment he lands in America. Having served in Malaysia and with much local knowledge and also lately having taken a keen interest on 1MDB affairs, Mr Malott will surely be an authority on the Malaysian mindset and ways. I happen to be the member of Parliament from Kuala Terengganu where 1MDB originated from as the former Terengganu Investment Authority- TIA. He interestingly said, ironically the American attorney general is more concerned that the properties and money from 1MDB in America is returned to Malaysia than the Malaysian attorney general ! That speaks volumes for the different ethical values of the two attorney generals !

2 )    The timing of Dato Najib’s visit would arouse most citizens concern as to its appropriateness . Firstly, is not the Malaysian’s general election just around the corner as announced by none other than Najib himself recently ? Also,  is not the DOJ America at a crucial stage of its investigation into 1MDB ? What a surprising coincidence Najib may exclaim ! Also was it not Najib’s team and his obedient Ministers that said the DOJ investigation into 1MDB is a foreign interference into Malaysia’s affairs ? Never mind Malaysia’s and America’s joint operation interference in the attack on Yemen under the Saudi coalition. So is Najib in America to make peace or to lecture America about non interference ?

3 )   Secondly, President Trump has been criticised at home and abroad for his deafening silence on the recent racists incident at Charlotsville and also other earlier similar incidences.

Najib has also been widely criticised for his elegant and super deafening silence on various racists and extreme religious incidences in Malaysia. It seems both leaders prefer to let racists and religious bigotory to fester and flourish for their own selfish political interests. Since they seem to share a common tendency to be indifferent to actions by extremist groups, is there a possibility an unholy alliance may be in the making ? We hope Mr Malott may be able to advise us on the developments of this visit.

4 )  Lastly, will President Trump try to persuade Najib to not be too accomadating to the  Chinese government that has been becoming such a dominant prescence in Malaysia ? After having sold off most of Malaysia’s prime assets to China, what would it take to make Najib make a u-turn or compromise of some sorts ? Any idea anyone ? Could the 1MDB subject matter perhaps be a possible topic that might be raised at the discussions at any point in time ?

5 )   To maintain the integrity and good work that DOJ has been doing in battling the international money laundering industry, i strongly suggest Mr Malott advise the United States government to reconsider the visit by Dato Najib. The timing of the visit is totally inappropriate.  The whole world is watching closely the biggest kleptocracy case of all time and how it will unfold. The world will be watching what will transpire after Najib meets Trump.The DOJ has set an admirable benchmark as to how money laundering activities should be handled no matter who MO1 may be ! The American Attorney General may recall how the Malaysian Attorney General was uncermoniously suddenly “retired” at the crucial stage of his 1MDB investigation. I don’t think Mr Malott can forsee such interferance be repeated in America. It was only possible in “boleh land” where Mr Malott used to serve in, and it is called Malaysia !

By the way, was not the former FBI Chief replaced by Trump in the middle of an investigation into Trump’s possible misconduct  during the recent American election ? Is this just another coincident or is it a case of great desperate leaders do think alike for self preservation ? Over to you Mr Malott.

Raja Bahrin Shah

Chairman International Bureau for Amanah- Member of Parliament for Kuala Terengganu