From Low Income To No Income, Gomen Grinding To A Halt : Tourism Malaysia Shuts Down Offices, UM Near Bankruptcy, UITM Budget Cut BY RM946 Million, Survey Dept Budget Cut 50%, IKMAS Budget Cut 90%, JPA Delays Scholarships, No More Nafas Fertiliser For Paddy Farmers: Calling Uber ! Calling Uber !

If 80% or more of our annual rice demand is threatened, or the livelihood of 300,000 rice farmers are at risk, isnt that a threat to the security of the nation? I say Majlis Keselamatan Negara – are you still sleeping? I mean isnt that what our “enemies” would want to do – ie destroy our food security?

Here is something I just received :


Unless this is fake (it looks authentic enough though) this is a letter issued by the National (paddy) Farmers Organisation or NAFAS.
It says that for the 2017 planting season, NO MORE fertiliser will be distributed to the paddy farmers under the gomen’s fertiliser program.

The letter says that the NAFAS has NOT received any arahan / kelulusan to distribute fertiliser to paddy farmers for the 2017 season.

This means that the rice harvest for 2017 will be severely affected.  I hope you folks understand the severe impact  of this Budget cut. In proportion to the population, there are not many paddy farmers in Malaysia.  The largest majority are in Kedah. 

Yahoo says we consume about 3.2 million tonnes of rice a year, of which about 80% +- is locally produced. Over half our rice is grown in Kedah, Kelantan and Perlis. Perak also has substantial rice acreage. There are about 300,000 paddy farmers in Malaysia.

Yahoo says that our rice yields are lower than the average in Asia partly because our rice farmers APPLY TOO MUCH FERTILISER  in their paddy fields (Nori, 2008).   No rice farmer in his right mind will use his own cash to buy fertiliser and then spread so much on his rice fields such that the excess fertiliser starts to reduce his rice harvest. That is insane.

The only way such a thing will happen is if the farmer gets free fertiliser from the gomen.  Which is what has been happening in Malaysia for the past 47 years. Now it has come to a sudden end.  Our average rice yield is over three tonnes per acre, using free fertiliser.  Without fertiliser, that yield is going to drop drastically.  The price of rice is going to go up sky high.  Or Syed Mokhtar can become extra super rich by importing even more rice from Pakistan. 

What about the welfare of the 300,000 paddy farmers and their families from Perlis to Sabah ?

If 80% or more of our annual rice demand is threatened, or the livelihood of 300,000 rice farmers are at risk, isnt that a threat to the security of the nation? I say Majlis Keselamatan Negara – are you still sleeping? I mean isnt that what our “enemies” would want to do – ie destroy our food security?

Kedah has now turned rebel. The BN will most likely lose Kedah in the next GE14. Maybe the bean-counters at the gomen’s money rooms have decided to save some money by discontinuing the fertilier subsidy anyway.  Why throw money on Kedah and Kelantan paddy farmers who are going to vote opposition?

On the other hand this may also frighten the Kedah paddy farmers from turning rebel. The Malays in the country are completely, almost 100% dependent on the gomen down to their daily sustenance. That is how closely intertwined  lies  the fate of the Malays with gomen largesse. 

If the gomen turns off the money tap, they are quite dead. 

Or the more likely scenario is that the gomen just has not enough money.  Remember those New Village sh_theads who called me names when I said that the gomen was bankrupt in July last year? Well, the gomen has been ‘cashflow negative’ or technically bankrupt for some time.  

All these Budget cuts are evidence enough of the dire situation of the gomen’s finances.

A friend (obviously a land surveyor) said that his colleagues at the Survey Department say that their budgets have been cut by 50%. Other than paying salaries for staff there is not much other spending money. 

Today an academic friend said that IKMAS (the Institute for Malaysian and International Studies) at UKM has had their Budget cut by 90% ! !  

UM is going to go bankrupt in a few years – according to their own ex VC. 

UITM’s budget has been cut by a whopping RM946 million !!

Tourism Malaysia has shut ALL their offices to save a measly RM6 million. 

Putting these altogether, the gomen’s last Budget (presented in October last year) becomes quite the sham. That RM260 billion or so Budget figure is just a number tossed up into the air. It is not real. Its not going to happen.  There is no RM260 Billion. 

If there really was RM260 Billion, there will not be so many budget cuts. 

This reminds me of Abdullah Badawi’s ‘economic corridors’. He went around announcing the northern corridor, the southern corridor, the eastern corridor, the Sabah corridor, Sarawak corridor etc.  The planned investments in all these “corridors” added up to more than RM1 TRILLION !!   None of Badawi’s “economic corridors” materialised.  Does anyone recall ECER ? I cant even recall what it means.

Back to reality, folks the PM must be gone. He has to resign. Or the Majlis Tertinggi UMNO (no one else can) has to tell him to quit and be gone.  Return all that stolen money. 

We have to appoint  an emergency economic action council.  None (I repeat NONE) of the present crop of KSUs, GLC chiefs, Cabinet Ministers, politicians etc must be appointed to this council. These are the morons who screwed things up.

We need emergency measures to revive the economy, especially the Melayu / bumiputra economy.   Please bear in mind “amok” is one of the earlier Malay words to enter the English language.  Dont play-play.

The country can and will be saved. Dont give up folks.  We really have to take matters into our  own  hands – legally and properly of course. The kleptocracy has failed everyone.

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