Aimee Chan (陳茵微), mother of three, gave birth to her third child and only daughter, Camilla, last April. Today, the former TVB actress made her first official public appearance since welcoming Camilla to the world.

Basked in her motherly glow, the 35-year-old said her appearance today was due to fate. As her husband, actor Moses Chan (陳豪), did not have to work today, Aimee had the time to leave her kids behinds with their dad so she could work. Aimee considers this event appearance as her first comeback.

“It’s been a while since I’ve last seen everyone!” said Aimee with a smile. “There are plans for me to appear in a drama, and I’ve been in talks to do other projects as well. I love my job.” (How about having kids?) “Both. Family and kids are also important. Women in modern society needs to have a balance of both.” (Would you be open to the idea of your family doing a commercial film together?) “I rather not, but it depends on the endorsement.”

How is Moses with the kids? “He’s okay,” said Aimee. “He’s a superman!” (Does he pamper his daughter more?) “No. We’re very fair. We love all of them equally.”