KUALA LUMPUR – Despite a number of reports claiming a dip in sales at the Mara Digital Mall over the past few months, several tenants here are claiming otherwise.

One shop owner, who only wishes to be identified as Johari, said his business has seen a month to month improvement, with more customers visiting the mall of late.

“I can’t be sure of the exact figures, but feedback from all the shops here have shown that business is doing well. We have built on our regular customers, who have recommended Mara Digital to their friends and families,” he told theSun.

Mara Digital Mall, which is reserved for Malay Bumiputera, was opened on Dec 8, 2015 to compete with Low Yat Plaza, following the incident of a youth being caught allegedly attempting to steal a smartphone there.

Johari, who has been in the information technology industry since 2003 and who had previously worked at Low Yat himself, said business at the mall is now comparable to that location, if not better.

He said more customers are turning their backs on the popular IT mall for Mara Digital as many of the items sold there are either not original or refurbished, as well as being “unconvincing”.

“A lot of our customers here claim that they had visited Low Yat first before coming over, and said they are more convinced by our products,” he said.

He added that the prices of products sold in Mara Digital are also considerably cheaper with up to RM200 in difference for a laptop or desktop computer, as the prices are controlled.

“I also have friends in Low Yat who claim that their businesses are showing a decline,” he said.

This is contrary to recent news reports claiming that tenants as saying that business in Mara Digital has declined, partly due to the policy of only having a single supplier, which therefore are restricting them from lowering their prices to match Low Yat.

However, another tenant, Amirul, said to date there have not been any issues with obtaining their items from the supplier – bumiputra-owned WGN Innovation Frontiers.

“The prices are also cheaper compared to suppliers outside. So there’s no issue of needing to find a different supplier,” he said.

A representative from WGN who wants to be identified as Salam said they act as the management of Mara Digital as well as being the supplier for computer and laptop products.

He however noted that shop owners are given the freedom to get supplies for other electronic items such as handphones from other vendors, but would have to go through the necessary check by WGN.