PETALING JAYA – A woman who claimed she was sexually attacked recently and her friend, who was almost a victim as well, have refused to stay helpless.

They bravely related their ordeal in a live Facebook video to warn other women to be more vigilant.

The two, Cristal Chua and Tammy Ong, both in their 20s, are students of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman in Sungai Long, Kajang.

In the video, they said they were walking to Chua’s rented condominium when a man suddenly emerged and “grabbed” Cristal’s buttocks.

They said the man also tried to grab Ong’s breasts but she shouted, and he fled.

They said the horrifying experience began when they arrived at one of the condominium blocks.

Chua punched the password digits to unlock the door at the entrance and proceeded to enter.

The man held the door open and crept in behind them. Thinking that he was also one of the residents there, the two girls paid no attention – until he grabbed Chua’s buttocks on the first floor.

“I thought it was Tammy at first. I was shocked to see a man behind me. He then turned towards Tammy and tried to molest her but she shouted,” said Chua, adding that the man was plump and quite short, and wore a black jersey with the words “Mike and no 10” at the back.

Chua took out her phone to record a video while Ong tried to give chase.

She urged netizens to help identify the man and take a picture of him if they saw him.

“Be really careful when you’re walking back to your house. Be more alert of your surroundings to prevent bad things from happening.

“If there is anyone suspicious around you, tell the security guard. Also, please shout to get attention if the situation turns ugly,” Chua said in Mandarin.

Chua also uploaded a 16-second video clip she recorded of the man fleeing the scene.

In the same post, she also advised women to take photographs or record videos as evidence, and not attempt to fight back and to prioritise one’s own safety unless one is well-trained.

In the video she said that she did not report the incident because she did not have enough evidence, but was considering doing so.

Netizens who commented on the video urged the girls to lodge a police report.

Chua lodged a police report last night.