Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) was never truly accepted by her parents-in-law since marrying Julian Hui (許晉亨) in 2008. Although their relationship steered in a good direction after giving birth to a little boy, Jayden Max, the happy times were over quickly.

Recently, Michelle and Julian set off for their one-month vacation to Europe, with rumored intentions to have another baby. Instead of letting Julian’s parents take care of Jayden in the meantime, Michelle let her elder sister do the job. Julian’s parents thus missed this good opportunity to spend time with their beloved grandson. Michelle thought it was better for Jayden to stay with her sister, because she also has a son. Jayden’s cousin, Ayden, is only one year older than him, and would keep him company. However, Mrs. Hui believed Michelle was purposely not letting her stay with Jayden.

An insider revealed, “Mr. and Mrs. Hui were already dissatisfied with Michelle when Julian was dating her. But he’s an adult, and they could not do much if he loves her. In 2008, Michelle suddenly told the press about using a sperm donation bank after trying to become pregnant.

As a conservative senior, Mrs. Hui was in a rage and scolded Julian harshly. The relationship between Mrs. Hui and Michelle got slightly better after the birth of Jayden. At the time, they would often head out for afternoon tea and have a chat. Mrs. Hui also constantly prepared soup for Michelle to drink. Julian felt more at ease when his family members were getting along.”

Reportedly, Michelle liked to have Jayden stay with her side of the family. Therefore, Julian’s parents did not get to see him very much. The insider continued, “Usually, Julian’s parents would have to wait for Michelle to organize a day in order to spend time with Jayden. Sometimes, they would have to wait for a whole week. Complaining to Julian about it did not improve matters. Feeling upset, Mr. and Mrs. Hui announced that they will no longer beg in order to see their grandson in the future.”

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