RAJA Muda of Selangor Tengku Amir Shah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah once ran away from his bodyguards as he felt that they were crowding his space and he wanted to be treated as a commoner.

In an exclusive interview with Berita Harian, the 27-year-old prince, said he understood that his safety was of utmost importance while attending official functions but not when he was alone.

He added that Malaysia was a peaceful and safe country, and he did not feel threatened.

Tengku Amir said his father Sultan Sharafuddin had taught him to be humble and practise moderation, and that was why he felt uncomfortable with the heavy presence of security guards.

> A 14-year-old maths prodigy in Britain has accepted an offer from Leicester University to be a Mathematics lecturer.

Kosmo! reported that Yasha Asley, known also as “the human calculator”, has taken up the offer and is believed to be the youngest Mathematics lecturer in the world.

He began to understand the mechanics of mathematics at the highest level when he was merely eight years old.

The tabloid also reported that he is in his final year of his Bachelors Degree in Mathematics at the same university.

Yasha can speak English, Arab, French and Persian languages.

His Iranian-born father Moussa Asley, 58, single-handedly brought up his only child a year after he was born.

> Female bodyguards are in high demand among the wives of VVIPs and female multi-millionaires in Malaysia, Metro Ahad reported.

The report added that the demand was high due to security risks faced by the women.

These bodyguards are reportedly being paid up to a five-figure income a month.

One of them Isniata Ismail, 40, is petite, belying her profession, and it is hard for anyone to believe that her job requires her to put her life on the line for a millionaire heiress or businesswoman.

She said she had worked for women bosses who were Datuk Seris and Datuks but she had never served in the army or the police although she wanted so much to be part of the forces.

It was reported that there were only 50 registered female bodyguards compared with 800 registered male bodyguards.

Malaysian Bodyguards Associa­tion acting president Aris Ramly said the minimum salary for junior bodyguards was between RM3,500 and RM4,000 while the maximum can reach up to RM20,000 for senior and experienced bodyguards.

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