Visitors to a popular mall in Kuala Lumpur were asked to evacuate the building Saturday evening after a fire broke out at one of its shoplots.

According to The Star reporter, ASHLEY TANG, who was present at the scene, emergency sirens rang out at about 7.15pm, calling for mall-goers to be evacuated immediately.

An unnamed policeman, refused to divulge further details when asked at the scene.

“I have no time for reporters right now. Go save yourself,” he said.

The police have now cordoned off the area from the public.

The fire is believed to have started near a convenience store located at the lower ground level of the building.

A few shoplots began shuttering soon after the announcement.

No casualties were reported at the time of writing, but a man was spotted in an ambulance outside the building using a breathing mask. It is unknown if this was linked to the fire.

Netizens also took the opportunity to share footage of the evacuation on Twitter and Facebook.

At 8.05pm, another announcement rang out, saying that the situation was under control.

Shops began reopening shortly after.

A similar incident occurred at the same mall on May 30, when a fax machine in a shoplot caught fire.

MEANWHILE, according to Malaysiakini:

A fire broke out at the Mid Valley Megamall at about 7pm today.
Social media users tweeted about having to evacuate the mall’s cinema, with many rushing to wait outside the building itself.

Astro Awani reported the Fire Department as saying that the fire had been put out, and that there were no injuries.

This is the second fire to occur at the Mid Valley Megamall in the past five months.

On May 30, a fire broke out at a shop lot that was quickly extinguished, but caused panic on social media.

The cause of the fire has not been identified yet.

Everyone rushed for evacuation as fire broke out in MidValley

Staff all going back to work! Smoke stinks so bad. Ewwww… all is well, except for the burnt rubber smell.