An Ohio divorce lawyer who met with female clients had used his in-office sessions to hypnotise them before sexually assaulting the women.

The lawyer, Michael W. Fine, now 59, almost got away with it, save for one client who grew concerned enough to go to the police in September 2014, reported The Washington Post.

On Monday (Jan 16), he was jailed for 12 years for the offences committed against at least six women in 2014. He was also disbarred.

While other women could not recall their experiences apart from feeling strange sensations about what happened, this particular client became suspicious after finding her private part wet and her bra adjusted.

That’s when she started to secretly record her meetings with her Fine. When she played the tape back after one meeting, she was shocked to discover Fine had a “sexually charged discussion” with her, added The Washington Post.

Fine, who is married with two daughters, was heard telling her he would give her “the most amazing pleasure” and he would “build [her] towards a massive orgasm”.

She reported the matter to the police, who subsequently used her in their sting operation.

Unaware that she was wearing audio and video recording equipment, Fine put her into a spell and was preparing to assault her again when police burst into the room and caught him, reported the Post.

More women then stepped forward to accuse Fine of a similar demeanour.

The Post reported that Fine had pleaded guilty in September last year in a plea agreement that saw other charges against him dropped.