One would not need a crystal ball or a time machine to be a successful investor.

According to Strategic Property Investor Programme founder Ahyat Ishak, the difference between the most successful investors and the average investors is the former group’s ability to catch the waves of changes before the rest do.

Given that the vast majority of Malaysians are employees with a 9 to 5 job, many may struggle to find time to keep abreast with the deluge of information, as well as to constantly enhance one’s investing knowledge to gain full mastery in this subject.

If you fall into the previous group, you might still be able to profit through coattail investing, which means mimicking the investment strategy of investors with a proven track record.

At the upcoming Star-925, participants would get first-hand knowledge to Ishak’s investment strategy for the year 2017 and beyond.

The next series entitled “5 trends that are changing the property market in Malaysia” will be held at Menara Star on May 20 (Saturday) from 9am to 12pm.

In the talk, Ishak will explain why these trends are poised to change the landscape of Malaysia’s property market.

The trends include information, Transit Oriented Development (TOD), surging values, asset management and the Malay wave.

In regards to the much talked-about TOD, Ishak reckoned that these developments are going to greatly impact our market in a similar fashion to what we have witnessed in Singapore. With this knowledge in mind, investors should capitalise on this opportunity.

Ishak also said that whilst the market may be perceived to be soft, capital values for properties in high demand areas and segment continue to defy gravity. He added that properties which fulfill certain lifestyle needs will enjoy prolonged growth and investors must be aware of it.

Another trend to take notice of is the Malay wave. Ishak said, whilst many may not yet see this trend, he remains adamant that the bumiputra market will propel our property market onto the next bull run.

Star-925 is a collaboration between and the 925 Enterprise (#925). The aim is to create a platform to empower the professionals with education, skills and the network to achieve life and financial goals.

#925, founded by Mark Chua, bestselling author of the book “WHO SAYS”, is a social enterprise that aims to improve the career and financial standing of its members.

The event will take place at Menara Star, Seksyen 16, Petaling Jaya. Visit to register or for more details.