Yesterday I was at Bala’s Banana Leaf in Bangsar. This guy (possibly Rohingya or very local appearance) hobbled in on a crutch selling tissues. He went around the tables, then he left the restaurant. I was sitting at the side overlooking the street. The crutches guy hobbled onto the sidewalk below me. He suddenly began to walk ok. No more hobbling. Then a woman in a tudung, t shirt and trousers came by from the other direction. They both had an animated conversation. The guy handed over his collection to the woman. The woman then pointed him off in the direction she had come from.  The woman then walked into Bala’s and started going around the tables with a sad look on her face.
The other day a Rohingya type woman was walking around asking for money. I was between the ATM, waiting for my daughter and picking up somethings from the store all on the same street. So I crossed paths with the woman more than once. The second time I saw her she received a phone call on her mobile phone ! !  She was really embarrassed and tucked into a restaurant to take the call.  A beggar with a handphone. I suppose business is not too bad.
These are the professional con artists. They are not destitutes.  They are not preying on your generosity. They are preying on the peoples’ stupidity. And I must tell you there are so many stupid and gullible people around.
Giving them RM1 is nothing.  I see people giving RM5 without flinching, especially if the con-beggars are wearing a kopiah, a tudung, carry those letters with arabic writing, “letter” from some orphanage etc. Or if they are from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan etc.
By the way the Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, Afghanistan beggars are back in full force. For a few years their numbers decreased substantially but they are back again. Someone in Immigration is closing “one eye” again – taking money.
The country is full of stupid people. Or not clever people.
A conman like Tin Sadin had convinced hundreds of thousands of people into believing that he was a ‘holy man’.  A fellow told me that 500,000 people attended Tin Sadin’s funeral.  Well it means you can quantify it then. There are at least 500,000 stupid people.
Now there are the same thousands being conned by Bawang. The same applies – they are stupid.

Super Moron’s supporters are not stupid. They are just in it for the money. They are hypocrites. They are dedak eaters. They are hangers on. So they have to say all those stupid things. They have no choice.

But the people who wanted to give those islands to Zakir Naik are stupid.  Those people who are now fighting on his behalf, who want him to be given PR status here in Malaysia are stupid. Not very clever people.

A large number of people in the country are not very clever. And yes there is a racial and religious divide.

Obviously they are getting the wrong type of education. Education is not just school textbooks but the entire ecosystem of learning. Their ecosystem is not very clever.

Religion depends 100% on the irrational and the illogical.  They say “Kita tidak boleh gunakan lojik dalam agama”.  Therein also lies the answer.

Question : What is the biggest danger in being stupid?
Answer  : You do not know you are stupid.
You must watch this ok.   I insist.

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