Here’s a tip – he is ranked among the top 20 richest individuals in Malaysia.

A Facebook posting by a lecturer who shared his surprise at finding out the identity of a man he spotted unassumingly picking up trash without any fuss in Bandar Sunway has gone viral.

Lecturer Gary Chong shared how he encountered a group of mature Asian gentlemen picking up bits and pieces of trash on the pavements and the green landscape around the perimeter of a corporate building and thought they must be Japanese who are famous for their civic consciousness.

“Could they be Singaporeans? I thought to myself, there is definitely no way they could be Malaysians.

“I walked past them, still mildly intrigued by who they were and saw a recognisably familiar looking face heading this pack of old gentlemen, wait…could it be?” he thought to himself, sharing in a Facebook he posted a couple of days back.

Chong walked past them out of sheer curiosity and his discovery led to an immediate Google search to ensure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him – it was none other than the chairman of Sunway Group, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Jeffrey Cheah!

Pic: Malaysia Resume

Pic: Malaysia Resume

The Sunway Group chairman was listed by Forbes as the 18th richest man in Malaysia for 2016 with a net worth of US$865 million (RM3.6 billion).

“Respect with a capital ‘R’ to this guy for leading his team – who by their age, should be corporate directors and the big guns of the Sunway Group,” he added.

“As they walked towards Sunway Pyramid, I thought, wow, this is truly an amazing thing to see a billionaire and giant icon across a multitude of industries, doing something so simple and humble, literally without any press coverage, any sort of elaborate entourage of media/CSR presence via wearing corporate uniforms and etc.”

Chong also relayed that the Malaysian tycoon’s part in preserving the community and infrastructure – which both he and his group has built over the years – served as a beacon of inspiration.

He also joked about how the tycoon’s humble and simple actions would have been “cool” if it ended with Tan Sri Jeffrey walking into a Proton instead of his “blazing red Ferrari.”

“Good on you Tan Sri! A billionaire hero who doesn’t have to don a cape and save his city in the dark of night,” Chong commended.

Luckily for us, Chong remained true to this generation’s habit of snapping photos and sharing them across Facebook which has been shared by hundreds and was picked up by China Press yesterday, along with several other local online news portals.

Many viewers commented on the Facebook posting about their own encounter with the Sunway Group chairman who they recall fondly for his friendly down-to-earth approach and always willing to lead by example.

Hopefully, other Malaysian will follow suit as well – the habit of picking up rubbish, that is.

– Malaysian Digest