Well I saw one Tesla car once at the basement carpark. I dont see it anymore. PayPal is available online but I dont know if our local banks are hooked up now. About two years ago I could not “hook up” to Pay Pal.

First here are some latest developments in technology, government policy, defense and stuff – from some countries. Do read my comments at the end.

1. Germans make battery powered “vertical take-off”  flying car
flying electric car with  vertical takeoff – Lilium Jet
successfully tested in Munich, travel without traffic jams
flying vehicle, created by Lilium Aviation company
capable of vertical takeoff and landing
expected to be used as urban air taxi
Lilium Jet speed 300 km per hour.
main advantages is energy efficiency
device consumes much less energy than conventional aircraft
current model designed for two
to increase number of seats up to five
useful for fast travel, avoid spending hours in traffic jams.

2. Samsung to test self driving cars on South Korean highways

first for South Korea, Samsung to test autonomous vehicles on public roads

Ministry Transport approved Samsung to test self-driving car on hiways

“Samsung Electronics’ self-driving renovated domestic vehicle
equipped with sensors including Lidar
vehicle would use artificial intelligence or deep learning algorithms

3.  India to replace all internal combustion cars with electric cars by 2030

National Institution for Transforming India, NITI Aayog
to replace traditionally powered cars with electric ones
going to introduce electric vehicles in a very big way
going to make electric vehicles self-sufficient
prompted by need to reduce imported fuel and lower costs
by 2030 not a single petrol or diesel car should be sold in India

to establish market for electric cars driven by demand and not by govt subsidy

industry will need 2-3 years govt support
after that,  electric vehicles will start to pay for itself for consumers

4.  South Korea To Build 14,500 ton Light Aircraft Carrier in 11 MONTHS !!

keel-laying ceremony for 14,500-ton amphibious landing ship
in Busan at Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction shipyard.
vessel to be launched in April 2018  (12 months from now !!)

navy will receive Dokdo-class ship after trial operations
will measure 199.4 meters long and 31 meters wide

South Korea’s 2nd Dokdo-class ship
will carry hundreds of men, trucks, armor, artillery, helicopters, high speed boats
multifaceted vessel called “light aircraft carrier”
one of largest amphibious landing ships in Asia

5. Chinese print 3D Origami Using Simple Projector

Chinese physicists converted conventional projector into 3D origami printer
complex 3D structures can be printed using conventional projector
or even a PowerPoint program.

Origami structures great importance to microelectronics, actuators, metamaterials

current methods of creating origami structures have several limitations
such as complex material systems or tedious processing steps

Chinese scientists simple approach for 3D origami structures

6.  China Builds World’s Largest  Amphibious Plane

world’s largest amphibious aircraft, Chinese AG600 conducted taxiing tests

ground test held in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province
braking system, ability to stay in straight line tested

video shows AG600 making  180-degree turn on runway
all systems were functioning properly

Link :

My comments :  “all systems were functioning properly”.

The point I am trying to make is the rest of the world is getting along ahead of us at light speed.

In Malaysia the gomen and the leadership and the elite seem more concerned with providing refuge for Salafi fugitives wanted in other countries, 12 year old children wearing seductive dresses, raping and then marrying 9 year olds,  calling people paria and other such useless actions.   Wa antum hizbi sy_itan !  Nauzubillah.

They do not seem to have much better to do with their lives.

I digress.  Has anyone NOT HEARD of Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is one of those once-in-a-century type geniuses (in the category of Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, IBM) who has created fantastic new products and services that are changing the 21st century.

Elon Musk’s Tesla cars, Space X rocket, Pay Pal, Hyperloop (development stage), Zip2, Solar City, electric jet (development), mind boggling solar “panels”, battery storage packs, web based telephone (like WhatsApp calls) and other inventions  are shifting paradigms and redrawing  boundaries.

Musk’s Tesla car is a johnny-come-lately on the electric car market but he is figuring out how to make electric cars better, faster and most important of all affordable for the market. His inventions are entirely market based.

Critical to Elon Musk’s success  in changing the world  (like all great commercial geniuses) is to try and put his products and services in the hands of every human being in his country and in his markets.

Elon Musk wants to put his technology products in the hands of every villager, city dweller, western urban dweller and African village person.

All the world’s greatest and wealthiest “businessmen” like Sam Walton, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford and the People’s Republic of China have focussed on making their products being consumed by the widest spectrum of human beings.

Elon Musk is now trying hard to reduce the cost (and hence the selling prices) of Tesla cars so that they will become “price neutral” for the consumer.

Now the announcement by the Government of India that 1.2 billion Indians will only be driving electric cars by 2030 will certainly give Elon Musk sleepless nights.  The Indians will most likely do it.

Elon Musk “has also made” (past tense) huge waves in “solar power production by private homes”.  Past tense because the Chinese are also going into this in a very big way.  Cheaper solar cells and better storage systems are making private power production in homes an everyday reality.

These are major changes taking place around the world, driven by the latest technological advancements.

But how much of these new products are available in Malaysia?

Putting it another way, how come we do not see all these new products made available for the average Malaysian consumer?

Does “someone” in some Ministry or gomen department have to decide? In between pondering the clothes worn by 12 year old girls?

Isnt there such a thing as the “market” and the “consumer” in Malaysia who will always know how to make a better choice for their best advantage?

Will come back with more on this.