I received a viral WhatsApp the other day that the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital will be shutting down their outpatient clinic. Does anyone know because I have not been there for a long, long time.

Outpatients now have to go to a Klinik Kesihatan which is located near the Shell Petrol Station just across the road, so the WhatsApp said.

Note that a Klinik Kesihatan need not have a qualified doctor present. They can be managed by Hospital Assistants or HAs.

The point is the gomen has no money to sustain basic health care. It is getting less and less. The people are being cut off. All because the kleptocrats aided by their sycophantic civil service rats have stolen over RM90 Billion from the country.

For a certainty the list of medicines available at the gomen pharmacies is also shrinking.

Non critical medicines or what I call “ubat mati lambat” (meaning you will not die instantly if you dont get the medicine) are not being prescribed anymore. Examples are Nexium for gastric and Aerius for sinus problems are not available at the HUKM anymore.

A three month prescription would cost about RM150 – RM180. Patients are told to go and buy these medicines from the private pharmacies. How many people, especially Malays, can afford RM50 per medicine per month? Usually you will need more than one medication. The berubat dengan bomoh business is going to boom again.

Ubat mati cepat or critical medicines without which patients may collapse and die instantly like Seretide and Ventolin for asthma are still available.
At the same time, this morning I noticed that the sidewalks along the Dataran Merdeka are being replaced – again and again and again. (I say what happened to that billion Ringgit mangkuk hayun plan to build a ‘Central Park’ at the Tugu Negara ? Spend the money on medicine lah bodoh !)

Back to Dataran Merdeka, they are now laying marble tiles (or marble type) along the sidewalk. Fuiyyo. So reeech one ah? Got so much maani ah ?

Why not give “Babuji Baling Gelas” a contract to supply 24 Karat gold tiles for the sidewalks? Then you can boast that in Kuala Lumpur our sidewalks are paved with gold. (Never mind if people’s sinuses are all choked up.)

The Malay economy is becoming quite desperate. And it is affecting all Malays – from the lower income groups all the way up to the wealthy Malays.

On Sunday I observed a “pasar pagi” (I will not say where). Entire “usahawan Melayu” families turned up in their Protons and Myvis and started selling plastic toys and clothes by the roadside.

These are NOT pasar malam traders. They are dressed differently, the ladies wear makeup and some can speak English too. They are people with regular jobs (possibly civil servants) who are trying their luck at selling trinkets, toys and little things by the roadside to earn some extra money. They are not real ‘usahawan’. They are poor or getting poorer.

So is this what you have achieved after 60 years of Independence and after 47 years of the NEP? People are being forced to literally “live off the streets” to make ends meet.
Then massive amounts of Malay owned properties are also being put up for sale. In the past few weeks I have had offers for property sales in Kuala Lumpur, Hulu Langat, Janda Baik, other places in Pahang. All Malay owned property.

Most recent is a kaya berhutang Malay guy who wants to sell two hotels he owns on some island (I wont say which island). The sad thing is the desperation. The first offer was RM15 million. Then it went down to RM10 million (I told you depa tak tahu niaga). Now the offer is ‘just take over the monthly bank instalments and keep the banks from declaring bankruptcy’. At the same time lets agree on some price, payable by deferred payments, tell me how many years you want ! !

I can guess what went wrong. The fellow’s hotels were most likely very dependent on “gomen business” like the endless kursus for Civil Servants, kursus bina semangat, kursus jabatan agama, kursus guru sekolah etc – almost all of which has now dried up.

That RM90 billion or more of taxpayers money that has been stolen
the low world oil prices
the non stop corruption and
the lagging economy

means there is no money even for RM50 sinus medicine at the gomen hospitals. So the gomen departments are also cancelling all their kursus programs at all these hotels. So now no more business. Hence the Malay owned hotels are up for sale.

Then there is the case where someone (a Dato) is trying to pinjam RM5000 to meet monthly expenses. He wants to sell or pawn something but no one wants what he has to sell.

In one housing area (located between PJ and Klang, ha ha ha) there is a gated community with about 40 – 50 ‘upmarket’ bungalow houses owned by many “orang kaya Melayu berhutang”. Almost all the “orang kaya berhutang” are having problems paying the monthly maintenance fees to pay the Nepali security guards. If this keeps up, there will be no more security guards and it will not be a gated community anymore. The values of their houses will drop. Double whammy.

There are other such cases, where people need to borrow money just to meet their monthly expenses. They cannot run away from these fixed expenses – car payments, food, school expenses for the kids etc.

And here is the MIER confirming that there are now over 500,000 unemployed in Malaysia. Of which youths make up over 200,000.—-mier

KL (April 18): Unemployment serious issue in Malaysia says MIER

slower economic growth could not support labour market

ED Emeritus Professor Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid expressed concern
rising unemployment among youths

Human Resource Ministry mentioned 0.5 million unemployed
200,000 youths ie 2/5 unemployment is from youths (40%)
other issue is low income in Malaysia, Zakariah said

BNM 2016 annual report youth unemployment 10.7% in 2015
compare national unemployment rate 3.1%

The graduate unemployment rate is also very high, maybe close to 200,000 now. I can assure you the vast majority of the 200,000 youths, the majority of unemployed graduates and the majority of the 500,000 total unemployed are mostly Malays.

(This is Malaysia. If you want to fix this country, you must focus by race, race, race.)
Now here is where these figures are a threat to the security of the nation. Despite so many Malays being unemployed, there is still growth in the economy. This year may see higher economic growth than last year, say 4.5% – 4.7%.

The economy can grow despite so many Malays being unemployed, going bankrupt etc.
This means the Malays are much, much less relevant in both the consumption and production function in the economy.

The supply side and the demand side can still grow.

The Malays are less relevant !

And then the SEVEN MILLION Banglas, Indons, Myanmars and Nepalis are fully employed. Some say ELEVEN MILLION.

The Indons are now being moved quietly into executive level jobs. No more cuci pinggan mangkuk saja. Experienced Indons are easily paid RM90 per day. They take home about RM2000 – RM2500 per month. This is the level of the Indon’s productivity.

And you Civil Servant morons please note this : The Indon wages and Indon employment rates have increased AFTER you imposed Minimum Wages. Why? Because the Indons can work. They are worth the money you pay them.

Our local youths DO NOT want to work. They are lazy, they have bad attitudes, they want “cuti”, suddenly they all want prayer breaks and then you have to pay them Minimum Wages. Punyalah haprak !

So the economy automatically adjusts towards higher productivity workers at higher pay levels. Its Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” lah, there is no conspiracy ok. So the Indons are paid RM2000 – RM2500 per month. The Melayu become unemployed.
The Banglas have gone way beyond that. The Banglas who are school educated and are more intelligent are now “managers”. We went to a CHINESE hardware shop and there were no Chinese in sight. Karim the Bangla was the manager. He had about three other Banglas helping him.

Then Kalam the Bangla is his own boss in Malaysia with his own factory that does iron works. Kalam employs about 5 Banglas !! Kalam can give you a project costing for iron works within 15 minutes ! ! Then he says, ‘Boss saya janji TIGA MINGGU siap. Tapi Boss jangan takut, DUA MINGGU pun saya boleh siap kerja.’

I felt like hugging and kissing Kalam.

My book printer is a Bangla who employs SIXTY OTHER BANGLAS ! ! He runs a factory that is about an acre in size. His monthly wage bill alone is over RM100,000 !!

My Malay (Minang from Negeri – a uniquely successful racial group) sub-contractor employs ALL Banglas only. So does the flooring contractor. It is Banglas, Banglas everywhere.

The economy is growing at 4% or 4.7% because of these people.

Where are the Malays and their kids? Pasar pagi ?
Impoverishing the ordinary citizens and making them poor must surely count as a threat against the security of the nation. And this is happening already in Malaysia.
Do not worry too much about the Americans bombing us, the North Koreans declaring war on us or the Abu Sayyaf attacking Sabah. All that seems inconsequential. We have worse enemies from within.
I hold the people who are entrusted with safeguarding the security of the nation as responsible for this. It is your fault. You have failed your jobs miserably. ‘You’ means the political leaders.

But lets not leave out the upper-crust among the Civil Servants. Actually you are just a bunch of village idiots. It is you morons who are a serious threat to the security of the nation. If the Malays are becoming poorer it is a serious threat to the security of the nation.

There are “laws” of economics, business and finance which you CANNOT ignore.
Malaysia is NOT EXEMPT from simple and basic rules of economics like supply, demand, labour productivity, relevance to the market etc. You simply cannot make your own laws of economics. Tak boleh lah kawan.

Instead of focusing on real solutions you are now embroiled in nonsensical policies that not only have not worked BUT CANNOT AND WILL NOT WORK.

ANY ECONOMIC POLICY based on RELIGION OR RACE WILL NOT WORK. This is what we are finding out now.

By the way, the speed of the disaster is accelerating.

The downright stupid and moronic policies are still continuing. Here is an example FROM FIFTEEN YEARS AGO that is still being practised until today.

PR status granted to criminal fugitives, Abu Bakar Bashir and Hambali

Berita Harian reported Home Ministry to cancel PR for two Indons
leaders of Jemaah Islamiah and Kumpulan Militan Malaysia (KMM).

Hambali @ Riduan Isamuddin and Abu Bakar Bashir
given PR status by Home Ministry about 10 years ago (1985?)

Abu Bakar, Hambali described by IGP as “directing figures” of KMM.

Abu Bakar leader of Majlis Mujahidin Indonesia, Hambali is deputy

BH said all 3 are leaders of terror group Jemaah Islamiah in S’pore.

Home Ministry should explain why did not revoke PR earlier

why PR granted in 1st place to 2 Indon criminal fugitives

Abu Bakar, Hambali, Iqbal established in M’sia as religious teachers

Abu Bakar obtained PR 2 years after arrival in Malaysia

Home Ministry should explain how it granted PR to fugitives

BH quoted DG Immigration saying they rejected Abu Bakar, Hambali PR

application approved on appeal to Home Ministry

shocking, grave lapse in entire security nexus of Home Ministry

fugitives granted PR status to carry out activities in Malaysia

how and who responsible for overruling Immigration Department

number of other fugitives able to find refuge in Malaysia

granted PR status or even Malaysian citizenship.

This is news from 2002 – FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.

Today 15 years later, we are having the same argument.

There is another controversial monkey, this time from India, who has been given PR status in Malaysia. This fellow is not only a fugitive, with an arrest warrant issued for him but he is banned in many countries including our neighbors Singapore, Bangladesh, the UK, Canada and his own country has shut down his activities. Even Saudi Arabia and Qatar (his previous benefactors) have quietly asked him to leave.

And here we are giving PR, cash money awards and even offering islands to this fugitive and trouble causer.

This must also be the work of the Majlis Mel_nc_p Negara.

To conclude here is something amusing. I have long ago been informed that the security people constantly read ALL my writings – very, very closely since the 1990s.

The morons feel they should “keep an eye on me”. In the meantime they gave PR to Abu Bakar Bashir, Hambali and now the Indian monkey.

Lately they are wondering where I get my information about the Middle East – because my sources are very, very up to date. This simply means they do not read enough. Jangan dok mel_nc_p saja Dato. It is all available on the Net. Boleh baca omputih ke?

If you all had listened to me from 25 years ago (a quarter century ago) the country will not be in this mess right now.

You didnt listen to me. The country is now in a mess.

So who is the threat to the security of the nation? Its you isnt it?

And while you are reading this, the Malays are getting poorer. And poorer.

And you are the cause.