1.  In other countries where people have more intelligence and better moral values, members of the public would now have begun suing a fake dentist for practising as a dentist.  

On the other hand if the fake dentist had been practising his or her trade from a rented table at a kedai runcit or a kedai makan (restaurant)  none of the public would have bought the fake dentist’s services in the first place.  Even if the fake dentist disguised the practice as a “business”.

I received the following montage today.  On the right is the child (she is 20 years old) who was caught and charged for running a “business” that provided orthodental services.  The story says the Malay girl  fitted dental braces for her “business clients”.

She was fined RM70,000 or six months jail.  The strange thing is the ‘masyarakat’  raised money to pay her RM70,000 fine within six days !!   The ‘masyarakat’ was willing to run a fund raising campaign to pay  her fine !!  Most certainly the masyarakat has an upside down value system.  And some comments say she is “back in business”. Same business?  New business?

On the other hand the Malay  girl on the left above scored 17As in her SPM and became a Cambridge University trained medical doctor.  This is no small feat at all.    

Yet she was indeed bashed by the ‘masyarakat’  because she does not wear Mother Theresa’s head cover and dresses  fashionably in a modern style.  This is a really mixed up society. 

2. A few years back,  there was a case in Kuantan where a Malay girl attacked and damaged  an old Chinese man’s car with a steering lock after a minor car accident. The story went viral.  Again the ‘masyarakat’  decided to “defend” the road bully and many started making racist remarks against the old Chinese man.   Just like in this case, some people initiated a public fund raising campaign  to pay the legal fees of the road bully. Again the ‘masyarakat’  has an upside down value system.    And the Court sentenced the road bully to perform some community service or something.  

3. The worst example   of a ‘masyarakat’ that lacks a proper  value system was the theft of a hand phone by a Malay guy at Low Yatt.  The Malay boy  came back with a Malay mob and thrashed Low Yatt and attacked the traders who were mostly Chinese. After that the real circus began. The ‘masyarakat’ went crazy and began to jump up and down in defense of the thief as well as the mobs who attacked  human beings in Low Yatt.  It became all out race-baiting.   Then the Minister (supported by a non Malay)  saw the money.  The Minister announced that a Malay IT mall would be set up to cater solely for Malay traders.  Now just two years later, the Malay IT mall is going bust. 

And the buyers have all returned to Low Yatt.

 4. Then that sekolah tahfiz burned down.  23 kids were killed.  The ‘masyarakat’ said that it was ‘taqdir’ or fate.  This word ‘taqdir’  referring to fate cannot be found in the Quran.

But you do find verses like these in the Bible :

Isaiah 48:3, “I foretold the former things long ago, / my mouth announced them and I made them known; / then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.”

“There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan / that can succeed against the LORD” (Proverbs 21:30).

The masyarakat said not only the 23 kids became martyrs (shaheed) but even their parents are guaranteed a spot in paradise.  The Greek word paradise comes from the Indian ‘piyaridasa    which means garden. 

No one questioned the fact that the boys involved in the arson that killed the 23 kids were selling drugs which involved some altercation with some folks at the tahfiz. What really went on? But no one seems to care about the drugs issue.

Plus no one seems to care too much about the fact that the tahfiz are not licensed, they do not even follow the building codes or the Bomba codes. 

Then the caring masyarakat started collecting money again to help the families of the kids who died. Soon they collected RM1.0 million. Now there is a tussle. The families say they have not received any money. The tahfiz first said they will keep 30% and distribute 70% to the families. Then it became 70% and distribute 30%. Dont know what was the final outcome. 

Does the masyarakat care how the money was distributed?  The ‘masyarakat’ does not seem to care.  The 23 kids will go to piyaridasa. That is all.

Then we learn that there are now something like 10,000 ?? sekolah tahfiz in Malaysia, a large majority of which are not registered nor pass  fire safety regulations.  But so what?   The masyarakat does not seem to care.  


It is also emerging that the tahfiz are places where domestically challenged parents (single parents (ibu yang tertinggal), poor families, families with too many mouths to feed, families with other problems) dump their kids at these tahfiz.  And they are cheap. Even in the Klang Valley for just RM350 – 400 per month for satu kepala, children can be dumped at the tahfiz. Full board and lodging plus “classes”.  That is why the kids are cramped 40 at a time in one sleeping room, on multiple bunk beds.  

Does anyone know what the kids eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner at these tahfiz?

Folks say there are 150,000 students enrolled in all these tahfiz. That is a huge number of potential fire victims.  Also these 150,000 students are not learning much of useful knowledge that will be commercially useful.  

They learn that orang kafir will not enter piyaridasa. 

Ok. And then what? 

The orang kafir still manufacture the underwear that we all wear.

While we are on the way to piyaridasa, can we also manufacture some comfortable underwear?  

I  am sure the orang kafir will buy it from us. 

Then they can go on to manufacture other things as well.

5. That  “Muslim only”  laundry issue was cooling off. Then that ostard wal retard came out in that video challenging HRH the Sultan who spoke against that laundrette.  Now the Police are questioning the retard (for insulting the Sultan)?  Well they should.

But what about insulting the Chinese?  The retard guy made some stupid comments about Chinese and hygiene.  He needs empirical evidence before he makes such accusations. He should conduct a simple experiment where a neutral observer  sniffs x number of Chinese arses.  Then the neutral observer should sniff the same number of  Muslim arses and make objective, scientific statements about whose arse is cleaner, smellier etc.  Dont compare apples and oranges. It must be arses and arses. 

Someone should tell the retard that Muslims DO NOT HAVE to wash their clothes TOGETHER with non Muslims in the same washing machine at the same time.  

I am sure the NON MUSLIMS will not allow it.

In the dobi layan diri,  after the machine washes your clothes the machine rinses out all the water.  The machine becomes quite dry.  Only then the next person  puts in the coins and starts using the machine again. 

This topic is actually too stupid.  That is why I did not comment about this earlier.  (But I will be doing something about this. Do you know what is a German snorkel submarine ?)

Again there are many  of the  masyarakat    who support the retard. 

The masyarakat does not seem to have a proper value system.

This behaviour is not in the Quran.

I read and try to understand the Quran.

The Quran teaches you to be fair and just to all.

The Quran NEVER, NEVER, NEVER says anything about “spiritual cleaning” of your clothes, utensils, houses, cars, buses and so on. 

There is no such thing in the Quran.