Many pollsters, economists, experts and scholars believe that the Barisan Nasional led by Datuk Seri Najib Razak will win the next General Election easily. Some even predict a two-thirds BN majority in Parliament, halting the gains that the Opposition has made over the past three elections. They may be experts but they are all wrong.

No country in the world with leaders who have taken money from public coffers — as much as RM3 billion — can win a re-election. Has there been a kleptocracy that has won a democratic election with a two-thirds majority? I have not heard of such a thing. Why then are the experts writing off the chances of the Opposition in Malaysia?

The answer is simply that these experts do not think much of Malaysians as a people. They do not believe Malaysians care at all about kleptocracy or about massive corruption. They think we are a bunch of buffoons who will be happy to receive some crumbs near polling day and we will return the current leaders to power.

These experts do not think much of Muslims in Malaysia, who are the majority of voters. They think our Islamisation policy is totally superficial and totally ineffective at instilling the right religious values amongst Muslims here. They think Malaysian Muslims do not care about integrity and honesty, and can be easily duped by their leaders with the promise of “hudud” and subsidised trips to Mecca, which will cause them to forget all about injustice and corruption.

These experts do not think much about Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. They think Malays have forgotten the many things he has done for them. The experts think Tun Dr Mahathir has no more influence and that he is just an angry old man who cannot match the firepower and ruthless machinations of the Prime Minister. They think he only has nuisance-value.

These experts do not think much of Malaysia’s three million civil servants. They think that these civil servants—frequently subjected to raids for corrupt practices—are still a solid voting block for UMNO. To them, these civil servants do not feel ashamed to serve a Government that is full of lies and hypocrisy. They think these civil servants have no sympathy for their colleagues who have been sacked, dismissed or demoted for wanting to do a professional job.

These experts think civil servants do not care if Government money is used for the personal luxuries of BN leaders. In other words, they think the Malays who comprise the bulk of the service are a bunch of fools who tolerate being berated for stealing money from the people although politicians are spared such accusations.


These experts do not think that the people will retaliate when their land is taken away for high-rise buildings and mega-projects, or when food prices rise to sky-high levels. These experts believe that people will stay loyal to the BN despite facing daily financial problems caused by high prices and by low wages. These experts think people will accept that this is their fate and will continue to be indebted to the Government and will stay grateful forever.

These experts are all wrong. Malays are waiting for the election to come sooner rather than later. There will be such a huge Malay tsunami against the BN that Najib and company won’t even know what hit them.

Malay voters do not answer questionnaires. They do not want BN and UMNO operators to cause them problems, so they pretend that they support UMNO—but change is in the air. A huge swing of voters to the Opposition is in the offing and we will have a new Government after GE14.

The Opposition’s campaign is not about race or religion. It’s simply about how much humiliation people can suffer at the hands of those in power. The coming General Election will be a contest between the needs of ordinary Malaysians against the interests of the greedy and unscrupulous.

Never has an election been held in this country when the issues have been so clear cut. Do not feel intimidated by the predictions of experts. The people will win this contest.

To my Chinese readers and friends, Gong Xi fa Chai .Please accept our best wishes, and a happy and prosperous New Year. Do not be disheartened that in the last three general election, the opposition had fallen short, and Ini Kali la was another hollow shout from a grieving electorate. Your continued support is necessary for a more peaceful and prosperous Malaysia.