These are the links to ALL political stories published by national news agency Bernama yesterday :

Kota Belud UMNO, BN Fully Support Najib’s Leadership

Johor UMNO Ready To Face Former Leader Who Joined Opposition

Leadership Qualities A Must To Attract Urban Malay Voters – Khairy

DPM Tells Component Parties To Prove Their Worth

Don’t Abandon UMNO If Not Selected As Candidate – Johari

Semporna UMNO Still Intact – Nasir Sakaran

Shahrizat Reminds Umno Members To Be Ready To Face GE Challenges

Reject Perception-based Politics – Puteri UMNO

Sabah UMNO, BN Must Unite To Defend Government

No One Can Drive A Wedge Between Najib And Ahmad Zahid – Ismail Sabri

BN Will Still Be In Power After GE14 – Mahdzir

GE 14: Terengganu UMNO Intends To Field Women Candidates

Rather one-sided and predictable, aren’t they?

Boring, if you asked me.

I wonder what’s in the mind of the Bernama editors when they saw those headlines on their webpage at the end of yesterday.

I mean, can’t they be a little bit more creative?

Try to make the stories be a bit more interesting and different from those published by New Straits Times, perhaps.

Surely the editorial direction can be better, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice if they can make a bit of an effort to attract people into reading their stories?

Jeezzz, surely they must have thought of that.

Or did they?

What’s the point of all the feel good stories if no one really feels like reading them, right?

Did they think of that too, or did they just do those stories to please those upstairs so that they can keep their well paying job without caring whether people want to read them or not?

Honestly, I feel that they didn’t seem to even try being smart about it anymore these days.

Simply do the stories to fill up the pages without getting in trouble with the bosses, I think.

No wonder that good for nothing pro-opposition Malaysiakini is the most read news portal in the country.

People want to know what’s happening on the other side too, okay.

Umno really need to do a survey to find out how many of its members read Malaysiakini.

I think they would be shocked with the findings.

Maybe then they will do something about it.

Well, never mind.

I’m rather sure they will carry on like now no matter how much I bitch about it here.

Wasting my breath only.

The most, they will do a bit of revamp, changed several people here and there with golden parachute for the outgoing big time editors and that’s it.

Heard that what’s happening at Media Prima.

Someone forwarded me this Wassap message yesterday evening,


Sure hope whatever that they are doing, I would like to be proven wrong by them selling more of their stories after such a revamp.

It would be wonderful, I think if one day the NST Online can replace Malaysiakini as the number one news portal in the country.

Well, you can never tell what’s going to happen in future, okay.

Nothing is impossible.

See, even a cat can grows horns.

Anyway, despite everything, yesterday was a happy day for me.

Unfortunately, someone requested for me not to write about the main reason why I was happy.

Such a spoilsport. But what to, the guy is a shy one.

However, I think I can write a bit about the secondary reason why I was happy yesterday.

I got to meet many of my friends from the old Johor BN team.

They are good sincere people whom I have the honour to work with.

We worked hard in defence of Johor back in the last general election in 2013.

We didn’t become rich or anything like that because of it, but our conscience is clear as we believed in what we were doing.

It feels good being able to feel and say that.

Special thanks to our chief at that time, TS Abdul Ghani Othman, whose leadership by example inspires us to do the right things.

Latest picture I have of Datuk Ghani and his wife Prof Jamilah (I still find it difficult to call them Tan Sri and Puan Sri)