I read this story and I laughed,

Shahrir To Consider PM’s Request To Continue Leading JB UMNO

excerpts :

– Shahrir, who is Johor Bahru UMNO division chief, told reporters after the opening of the division’s delegates conference here today that he would discuss the matter with the division and branch leaders and members before making a decision.

– When opening the conference, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had openly expressed hope that the Johor Bahru Member of Parliament would not step down, saying that Shahrir was still needed to lead the division.

– Also supporting the call for Shahrir to continue helming Johor Bahru UMNO was Menteri Besar and state UMNO liaison chief Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, who in his speech at the same event, described Shahrir as a political icon, and a credible and respected figure.

I wished they could just be frank about it and said – there’s no one else to replace Shahrir to contest the JB seat because Shahrir never trained anyone to replace him there.

Instead, Shahrir said he’s going to discuss about it and such. What to discuss lah? It’s a done deal. Don’t be malu kuching and pretend, can or not?

Also, next time don’t be gatal and say don’t want to contest anymore while in actual fact you knew that there’s no one else to replace you because you designed it that way.

Well, doesn’t really matter to me. Shahrir can keep the JB seat till the day he died.

That is if he can keep it lah after the next general election. His majority there was slashed from over 20,000 to just over 10,000 over the past two general elections.

By the way, I wish Khaled could explain how his former boss is so iconic, credible and respected. I’m a bit lost on that one.

All I know is that he made his political career by whacking Dr Mahathir when the handsome old man was still the PM. People actually thought he’s so good just because of that.

Really, other than that, what else?

How I wish Dr Mahathir can contest against Shahrir in JB for GE14. Sorts of making it the last rumble for both of them.

That would shake things up quite a bit, especially in Johor, isn’t it?

Just a thought…..hahahahaha

Eh, but it’s not totally impossible too, okay.

Dr Mahathir was said to have drafted a 10 points plan on how Pakatan can defeat BN in Johor

Anyway,  this is another story which made me laughed the other day,

Make Defending Putrajaya A ‘Jihad’ – UMNO Members Told


“Here, high hope is placed on UMNO, as the frontliners, to defend Putrajaya, as a symbol for the present government to be maintained.

“As frontliners, your huge sacrifice is demanded and because of that, the fight to defend Putrajaya in a jihad much needed by the party,” he said when opening the Putrajaya UMNO delegates conference here today.

Do they really need to use the word “jihad” like that?

But then again, this is a story about Shahidan Kassim and Ku Nan.

I shouldn’t expect too much.

Still, it was funny to read.

Can’t they came out with more sober and proper way to motivate their people.

I really don’t like them throwing around the word “jihad” like that.

Can’t they just do things properly and lead by example in order to motivate?

I’ve seen other Umno people like Ghani Othman and Johari Ghani did it, why can’t they?