Amanah communications director Khalid Samad has not discounted the possibility of Dr Mahathir Mohamad betraying Pakatan Harapan if the opposition coalition seizes federal power.

The Shah Alam MP also admitted that the collaboration with the former prime minister was controversial.

“I don’t deny the cooperation is controversial. Some feel that once we take power in the 14th general election, Tun (Mahathir) will betray Harapan and return to form the government with Umno/BN.

“I don’t deny there is a possibility of a betrayal taking place. But this is merely a possibility. Nothing more than that,” Khalid said in a blog posting.

He pointed out that the opposition’s chances of winning GE14 had become brighter due to its cooperation with Mahathir and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu).

“With Bersatu joining us, Harapan may get the votes from Malays who support Umno. Harapan will get Malay votes from the PAS bloc via Amanah as well.

“With Bersatu as part of Harapan, the possibility of winning has become a reality,” he said.

‘Mahathir’s gun is now with Najib’

The Amanah leader also employed a firearm analogy to explain the reason for working with Mahathir.

He said the gun which Mahathir had used to fire at the opposition is now in the possession of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“Tun (Mahathir) once held the gun and he fired in our direction. So, we had to fight back.

“Now, the person who holds the gun is Najib. It is no longer with Tun. So we no longer have to fight him. He has joined forces (with the opposition) to seize Najib’s gun,” he added.

Upon seizing the gun from Najib, Khalid said, the opposition coalition must determine who would possess it.

“The bullets should be kept by all allies (in Harapan). Only then, the one who holds the gun will be left without bullets,” he added.

Khalid said if Mahathir and Bersatu do not betray Harapan, then the next question is to what extent would Bersatu agree with Harapan’s leadership.

“Will it not repeat the old days where Tun helmed the country?” he asked.

Calculated risks must be taken

On the same note, he pointed out that Bersatu would not be able to dominate Harapan as it would be contesting lesser seats compared to Umno within the BN framework.

“As such, there is no reason to be worried about the possibility of Tun acting in the same old manner.

“Bersatu in Harapan is nothing like Umno in BN. There is plenty of ‘check and balance’ in Harapan to prevent any party from dominating Harapan, including DAP,” he added.

On a realistic note, Khalid conceded that there were no guarantees in politics.

“Everything is subject to change. (We) need to take risks,” he said, citing the defunct Umno splinter Semangat 46 as an example.

“In politics, we should be able to take risks – calculated risks. Without risks, there is no progress,” he said.

– M’kini