Ultra-pro Mahathir blogger Apanama (Firdaus Abdullah) has just attacked yet another project in Malaysia. This time the RM43 billion Melaka Gateway project which is 51% owned by locals and 49% by a China company and other foreign investors.

Apanama (wrongly) writes:

Pada permukaannya cadangan Projek Melaka Gateway kelihatan seperti satu rancangan masa depan yang mampu menyumbang kepada industri pelancungan dan ekonomi negeri Melaka.

Mengikut rancangan projek Melaka Gateway pelabuhan besar itu akan menjadi tarikan buat kapal-kapal pelancungan cruise liner tetapi beberapa pakar ketenteraan dan geopolitik mentafsir bahawa pelabuhan di Melaka ini besar kemungkinan akan dijadikan pengkalan tentera negara komunis China di Selat Melaka.
Cruise liners? Tourism?

Wrong. Very wrong.

This deep sea port project is designed as a liquid cargo terminal, which will have storage facilities for liquid cargo including petroleum, chemical products and vegetable oil.

Liquid cargo port you can confuse with cruise liners? DUH!

It is also designed to allow the bulk of the China’s vessels passing through Selat Melaka – especially those carrying petroleum products – to use this port instead of Singapore’s port.


Singapore is extremely concerned about this as you can see from this Singapore Govt-owned Straits Times article:

“The Malaysian government hopes to attract the bulk of 100,000 vessels, most of them Chinese, that ply the Malacca Strait annually.

Some industry players have expressed concern about the cannibalizing of existing ports along the strait, especially in the light of Singapore’s own port expansion.”

Even ordinary Singaporeans (but not Malaysians) can see this as a huge threat which they discuss in their forums:

“Ah Jib, really respect. Can draw $30b project to build Melaka Gateway which will render Singapore irrelevant.This is what we called high quality PM.Ours, LHL keep calling out TPP, TPP, TPP. hello, TPP dead already, ok?”

From attacking the ECRL project (which Singapore sees as a big threat to bypass Singapore), attacking the Forest City (which Singapore sees as a big threat to their house and asset prices plummeting) to now attacking the Melaka Gateway projects (which Singapore sees as a big threat to their hugely-important petroleum cargo business).

Can you blame anyone if they say that Mahathir and Pakatan are now doing Singapore’s bidding or budak suruhan Singapore – at the expense of Malaysia?