Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a MF-CS. And if you do not know what a MF-CS is too bad.

The reason I say Mahathir is a MF-CS is because he taught the DAP Chinese a new way in how to insult Malays who do not support DAP. Mahathir taught the DAP Chinese that if any Malay does not support DAP then you insult them by saying they makan dedak.

The term makan dedak was invented by Mahathir and it is used to insult those who do not support DAP, especially Malays. So, since then, I have received thousands of insults, the majority from DAP Chinese, accusing me of makan dedak.

In the past, in the 1960s, they insulted Malays by asking them to balek kampung. Then they insulted Malays by accusing them of having a crutch mentality. Now they insult you by saying you makan dedak.

In 1969 Mahathir asked the Umno Malays to hate the DAP Chinese and today he is asking the DAP Chinese to hate the Umno Malays

Basically, Mahathir is teaching the DAP Chinese to hate the Malays and to insult the Malays. Malays are useless. Malays mudah lupa. Malays need crutches. Malays makan dedak. Malaysia is backward because Malays run the country while Singapore is successful because Chinese run the country.

Mahathir is trying to make the Malays feel ashamed that they are Malays and the only way you can wash away this shame is to not support Umno and to support DAP. Only then can you cleanse yourself of the contamination of being Malay.

Today, we have many Malays who are ashamed they are Malays. So they try to be liberal Malays so that they would not be seen as a backward Malay. And, to be liberal, you must support beer festivals, gay pride parades, sex outside marriage, same sex marriages, and much more, which at one time were considered haram for Muslims but now is compulsory if you want to be regarded as a liberal Malay, and hence a modern Malay.

It is actually very easy to be a modern Malay. Everything labelled haram you change to halal and everything labelled halal you change to haram. Then you become a liberal and hence modern or progressive Malay.

Kit Siang used to call Mahathir the godfather of corruption and now he calls Mahathir the godfather of reforms

If you are Malay and you wish to get chosen as a DAP candidate in the general election, one very important criteria is you must not wear a tudung. Then you must drink and have sex with each other after the DAP CEC meetings. Then you will become liberal, progressive, modern, etc.

Mahathir has taught DAP that it is okay to belittle and shame Malays who hold on to old values and refuse to change and adopt new, liberal, progressive, or modern values. In the past, if you drank or were gay, you would hide this fact. You would never want people to know of these weaknesses or sins of yours. Today it is the other way around. If you are against beer festivals or gay pride parades you would never admit this and would hide this fact or get shamed by being called backward, outdated, kampung mentality, Taliban, Muslim extremist, and so on.

In the 1980s, the then Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Musa Hitam, told the Umno Malays they should not be afraid of being kurang ajar. Today, Mahathir is telling the DAP Chinese they should not be afraid of being kurang ajar. And the DAP Chinese have taken Mahathir’s advise and are no longer afraid of being kurang ajar.

The Chinese want Mahathir who is the problem to become the solution

In 1969, Mahathir incited the Umno Malays to hate the DAP Chinese. Now, 48 years later, Mahathir is inciting the DAP Chinese to hate the Umno Malays. And, just as Mahathir succeeded in inciting hatred in 1969, he is succeeding again today.

And that is why the DAP Chinese love Mahathir. In spite of Mahathir declaring that Malaysia is a fundamentalist Islamic country, the DAP Chinese hate PAS but love Mahathir. In spite of Mahathir causing the loss of RM200 billion of taxpayers’s money, which today would be worth RM500 billion or half-a-trillion, the DAP Chinese love Mahathir.

The DAP Chinese grumble about corruption and grumble that Malaysia has gone to the dogs. Then, when it is pointed out that Mahathir singlehandedly stole hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money, the DAP Chinese say do not talk about what happened in the past, the past is not important. Then the DAP Chinese talk about the past such as the Merdeka Agreement of 1957, Malaysian Agreement of 1963, May 13 of 1969, etc., which all happened in the past.

You can see that the DAP Chinese are very small-minded people. They boast about 5,000 years of Chinese civilisation and then believe in silly nonsense such as a white envelope for Chinese New Year is bad luck. Even uneducated Malay farmers and fishermen are smart enough to know that this is utter nonsense while educated DAP Chinese who have gone to university believe that the colour of a piece of paper can determine whether you live or die.