Someone took the trouble to call me up yesterday and asked why I teased Shahrir in my last post,

Dr Mahathir to contest in JB?

Well, to tell you all the truth, I find Shahrir annoying.

Everyone seems to overrate him so much.

Seriously, what are his achievements which were beneficial other than to his own personality?

What are his memorable contributions the several times he was a minister?

Think about it, okay.

Anyway, I actually intended that last post of mine as a reminder of the real and present danger to BN should Pakatan decides to go all out in capturing Johor in the next general election.

After all, Johor is the key to break Umno as it is the birth place of the party.

What better way it would be than having Dr Mahathir to personally lead the attack.

Pakatan actually tried it in the last general election with Lim Kit Siang leading the attack at Gelang Patah.

This time, I think Dr Mahathir could try it in Johor Baru, the parliamentary constituency bearing the name of the state capital.

I always think that the handsome old man should just rest, but since he had proven himself  incapable of resting, then I suggest for him to go all out instead.

For that, he should not settles on contesting a safe seat such as Langkawi, where everyone is grateful to him, and he is sure to win.

What’s the fun in that, right?

I think, just for the heck of it, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah should contest in Langkawi.

I’m quite sure she can win there even without campaigning. No joke.

If Dr Wan Azizah can be Anwar’s proxy,  what’s wrong with Dr Siti Hasmah being Dr Mahathir’s proxy?

Dr Mahathir should contest in JB instead because of so many reasons.

Of course he shouldn’t contest in Pekan against Najib because that would be stupid.

I know Pekan very well and there’s no way Dr Mahathir can beat Najib there.

JB on the other hand is different.

Dr Mahathir actually have a chance to win there against Shahrir.

More importantly, the anti-BN people in Johor will be so hyped up by Dr Mahathir contesting in their state that they may even manage to capture what used to be the Umno’s stronghold.

That’s what Lim Kit Siang tried to do when he decided to contest in Gelang Patah in the last general election.

Lucky for BN at that time the retiring TS Abdul Ghani Othman was willing to fight a losing battle at the Chinese-majority constituency to contain Kit Siang from wrecking more havoc in Johor.

Maybe Khaled Nordin would be interested to stand in for his former mentor Shahrir in JB in the event Dr Mahathir is to contest there?

Well, I doubt it.  Furthermore that would not help much, I think. Dr Mahathir will go on rampaging around Johor and beyond no matter whether his opponent is Shahrir or Khaled.

Khaled is no Ghani, okay.

Anyway, just imagine what would happen if Dr Mahathir actually wins and becomes the JB MP.

I can instantly think of a few,

1. He can actually shuts up Shahrir for the final time.

2. It would be easier for him to irritate Singaporeans that they are his next door neighbours.

3. He can annoys Sultan of Johor more if he wins. After all, Istana Pasir Pelangi is in the JB constituency.

Hmmm….those are just off my head.

If I’m Dr Mahathir, I would be quite tempted to try it.

Well, why not? Nothing to lose what.

I know, some of you all think I’m a bit crazy writing this.

After all, Shahrir still have over 10,000 majority.

Okay, how about this instead…..Dr Mahathir to contest in Muar.

BN MP there Razali Ibrahim got just about 1,600 majority.

Imagine Dr Mahathir as the MP of the royal town of Johor.

That could be quite uncomfortable for many people in my home state, I think.

Hahaha…how about that, eh?

Okay lah, enough with my Dr Mahathir in Johor crazy theories.

Here, listen to this better,

Nice, right?

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