Kit Siang denies having a secret meeting with Mahathir on 3rd December 2016 to seal a deal that Mukhriz would become PM with him as DPM and Finance Minister.  Who said they had a secret meeting? We said Kit Siang spoke to Mahathir, not had a secret meeting with Mahathir. And has Mahathir denied anything? Kit Siang denies a meeting when no one said they met while Mahathir denies nothing.

Tunku Aziz revealed the deal between Kit Siang and Mahathir and the DAP leader is now on a rampage

When Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim revealed that on 3rd December 2016, Lim Kit Siang and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad made a deal whereby Mukhriz would become the Prime Minister in the event that Pakatan Harapan wins the coming general election, while Kit Siang himself would become the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Kit Siang went on a political rampage.

A week before 3rd December, Anthony Loke had announced that Mahathir was not invited to DAP’s convention to be held on 4th December. Then, in his 3rd December closing speech during the Umno annual assembly, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak mentioned that the next general election is going to be a Malay-Umno-led Barisan Nasional versus a Chinese-DAP-led Pakatan Harapan.

This speech was televised throughout Malaysia so not only the 3,000 or so Umno delegates heard that speech but Malays all over Malaysia as well. The video of Superman Hew Kuan Yau was also played halfway through Najib’s speech, which confirmed that DAP is using PKR and PAN, plus Mahathir, to get the Malays to screw the Malays.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a million.

Kit Siang did not want Mahathir to attend the 4th December DAP convention because he saw the old man as a huge liability. Kit Siang and DAP look at things purely from the dimension of Chinese votes and Mahathir would not help in this area. In fact, Mahathir would most likely undermine DAP’s monopoly of Chinese votes so it is better that they kept their distance from the old man. DAP’s Pakatan Harapan is purely and solely a Chinese entity with PKR and PAN merely as their tools, as what Superman Hew said.

But Najib’s 3rd December speech changed the whole thing. DAP needed to prove Najib wrong by giving DAP a more Malay face. So Kit Siang was forced to act. He spoke to Mahathir and begged him to attend DAP’s convention the following day. Mahathir, who already felt slighted due to the earlier snub, laid down his terms. If DAP wanted him to attend their convention then Pakatan Harapan must agree to Mukhriz as Prime Minister. Kit Siang saw that coming and he threw in his counter-proposal, which is Mahathir, in turn, must agree to him as the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

Kit Siang knew that as Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, that affectively made him more powerful than the Prime Minister. And considering that Mukhriz is a lame-duck anyway, Kit Siang would undoubtedly be running the country.

This is something that Kit Siang does not want Malaysians to know yet. First of all, this is just Kit Siang’s and Mahathir’s private deal and the rest of Pakatan Harapan has not discussed this matter or agreed to it yet. More importantly, if the Malays are made aware of this deal, Pakatan Harapan is going to lose the Malay vote. The opposition coalition would then have to depend solely on Chinese votes so that means Pakatan Harapan may not even be able to win 70 parliament seats and also faces the danger of losing Selangor.

In Malaysia, the common challenge they throw to Najib (or to anyone for that matter) is if so-and-so is lying then sue that person. If you do not use then that means the allegation is true and you are guilty as alleged. And that is why Kit Siang instructed his lawyers to start legal proceedings against Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and any other media outlets that publish “fake news” about his alleged secret pact with Mukhriz Mahathir.


Mahathir’s and Kit Siang’s secret pact is no longer a secret and Kit Siang is mad as hell

But then no one said Kit Siang made a secret pact with Mukhriz. We are saying he made a secret pact with Mahathir regarding making Mukhriz the Prime Minister with himself as the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister. So what nonsense is Kit Siang talking about? He is just pulling the wool over our eyes. This is all just a sandiwara or wayang because if he does nothing then people are going to say the allegation is true. So you prove it is not true by suing. But then your suit is off the mark so it actually goes nowhere and may not even end up in court.

But then all these newspapers are accused of reporting what Tunku Aziz said. So they are just the messenger. Why shoot the messenger? Why not sue Tunku Aziz, who can then appear in court and reveal where he got this information from? Would not then the truth be told?

“I have no interest in wasting my time on the person who said it as he had lost all respect, honour and credibility as to deserve any attention,” Kit Siang said when asked if he would also sue Tunku Aziz, who actually made the claim reported by all these newspapers.

So there you have it. Kit Siang confirmed that Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and all the other media outlets have credibility, which is why he is suing them. I suppose that shatters the myth that government news agencies or the mainstream media lacks credibility. And this comes from Kit Siang’s own mouth.

What many do not know is that after the story of this secret pact surfaced, Kit Siang called for a meeting of his inner circle to ask their opinion as to what to do but no one had any ideas. He was looking for a political solution but could not find one, which was why he went berserk. Suing or going to court should not be an option because that just drags the issue and prolongs the agony. It does not deflect the issue.

The one option open to Kit Siang is that he makes a public declaration, maybe in the form of a statutory declaration, that Mukhriz is not going to become Prime Minister with him as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister. But Kit Siang cannot do that because then he would be reneging on his deal with Mahathir and the old man would go on a political rampage instead.

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim, no longer Pakatan Harapan’s choice for Prime Minister

So much time and money have been spent putting everything into place the last three years, which includes buying off the PKR, PAN and Pribumi people, closing down Pakatan Rakyat and forming Pakatan Harapan, setting up two news parties (PAN and Pribumi) and so on. Hundreds of millions and three years’ effort would be flushed down the toilet if Kit Siang issues that public statement and/or signs a statutory declaration stating that Mukhriz is not the choice of Prime Minister.

Kit Siang stressed that he has already denied any secret meeting with Mahathir on December 3 when he had purportedly sealed a deal that Mukhriz would become prime minster and him as his deputy, reported Malay Mail Online. Yes, Kit Siang did not have a secret meeting with Mahathir. Who said he had a secret meeting? We said he spoke to Mahathir, not had a secret meeting. And has Mahathir denied anything? Kit Siang denies a meeting when no one said they met while Mahathir denies nothing.

“Are they capable of citing the place and time on December 3 when Mahathir and I met to seal such a so-called deal?” asked Kit Siang. “Of course, they are incapable of doing so, as they are only retelling lies.”

Who the hell said Kit Siang met Mahathir for a face-to-face meeting? It was the night of 3rd December 2016 and the eve of DAP’s convention and there was no time for a sit-down meeting. What was reported is that Kit Siang phoned Mahathir. Can you see how Kit Siang is twisting things around? And Kit Siang did not use a ‘safe phone’ to speak. He used a normal line and which was set to speaker mode. Both Kit Siang and Mahathir wanted witnesses to the conversation so that there is no double-deal later. Hence there are other people who are witnesses to the deal between Mahathir and Kit Siang.


Mukhriz Mahathir, Pakatan Harapan’s candidate for Prime Minister with Kit Siang as his Deputy and Finance Minister

Mukhriz, in turn, asked Tunku Aziz to reveal his sources (or the leak) or else he is going to sue. Can you see that Mukhriz does not want to sue Tunku Aziz for what he said? He wants to sue Tunku Aziz if the leak is not fingered. Mukhriz knows that one of the witnesses to the deal that was struck between Mahathir and Kit Siang talked. And Mukhriz wants to know who that is.

What Kit Siang is really very sore about is he knows that Tunku Aziz has outmanoeuvred him. Kit Siang does not have a political solution so he needs to sue to give an impression he has been slandered. But he cannot sue Tunku Aziz. So instead he vilifies Tunku Aziz and uses that as an excuse to not sue.

Kit Siang cannot stand losing and in this episode he has lost. Tunku Aziz gave Kit Siang the kiss of the dragon and there is no way out for him. This is not just a checkmate. This is worse than a checkmate. Kit Siang also knows that there has to be a mastermind for something like this to be so well-planned. And this was why yesterday Kit Siang said, “There is a Goebbels serving Najib, who is responsible for the flood of “false news” and “false stories” about critics and Opposition leaders.”

Probably Kit Siang meant that as an insult but instead it is a glowing endorsement of Najib’s Boffin Boy. Kit Siang has finally admitted that he has lost the game. But then what they said is the truth so why is Kit Siang upset about that? Stop any Malay walking the streets anywhere in Malaysia and they will say that this is also what they believe. Well, as they say, the truth hurts, and Najib’s Boffin Boy merely revealed the truth. And Kit Siang responds by praising him by calling him a Goebbels.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

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