There is no “fire” in DAP’s backyard , even after four elected representatives quit DAP, claimed party stalwart Lim Kit Siang.

He was responding to the shocking event where DAP’s sole MP in Malacca, Sim Tong Hin (Kota Melaka), quit the party on Sunday, together with Lim Jak Wong (Bachang assemblyperson), Chin Choong Seong (Kesidang) and Goh Leong San (Duyong).

“Partyies have their problems. I don’t think there is any party that doesn’t have problems.

“The problem, if any, should be that one (resignation issue), but not the fire that everybody is talking about,” he told a press conference after visiting several constituencies in Malacca today.

The walkabouts were mainly targeted at constituencies of the four elected representatives who resigned.

However, Lim stressed that the visits were to deliver his apologies to the people of Malacca.

“This is where I started. Well, one MP and three assemblypersons have defected, I think we need to come and… Like I said, I apologise to the people for their actions (to quit the party).

“I apologise to the people of Malacca for the defection of one MP and three assemblypersons.”

Reading out a summary of his political career and DAP’s brief history, Lim rebutted Sim’s claim that DAP had strayed from its struggles and principles.

“I call on the people of Malacca to continue to support DAP’s struggle for a just, equal, democratic, prosperous and united Malaysia, and in particular, to save Malaysia from becoming a global kleptocracy and a failed and rogue state.”

Struggle for equality remained unchanged

Lim said the decision to join hands with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad was to fight against the “bigger monster”, adding that DAP’s struggle for equality and a better Malaysia remained unchanged.

“I stand by every words I have said (about Mahathir),” he stressed.

Asked if he would make efforts to persuade the four to change their mind, Lim answered in the negative.

He said he was shocked and outraged when he read the reasons given by the four representatives.

“I have no farewell message for them. They have stated their position. Let’s move on.
“I have been accused of betraying my principles and for being insincere. That’s enough, the party must move on.”

Lim was also reluctant to confirm whether he would leave his Gelang Patah constituency and contest in Kota Melaka, where he served his first term as a parliamentarian.

“That is a new speculation. Wait for the nomination day and see,” he said.

Lim was accompanied by Selangor DAP committee member Edry Faizal Eddy Yusof at the press conference.

Asked whether he would replace one of the four who quit in the next general elections, Edry Faizal gave the same answer.

“Wait for the nomination day,” he said amidst laughter from those present.

– M’kini