The missile flew across the country towards the East, according to South Korean security officials.They also believe the missile could be their deadly ICBM, capable of devastating US heartland.

Japanese security officials confirmed that four missiles were launched from the North, with three landing in their territory.

North Korea has launched the missile at the same time as South Korea and the US organise joint military exercises to prepare for conflict.

North Korea's ICBMGETTY

DEVASTATING: The ICBM is capable of striking targets at long distance

A statement from South Korea read: “We are conducting an analysis on the projectile to determine its type and flight range.”It will take a while before we come up with a final analysis.”

Kim Jong-un launched the missile from its long-range missile base in Tongchang-ri, near the Chinese border.It is believed the projectile landed in the Sea of Japan.

Last month, the tyrannical ruler launched a short-range nuclear capable missile which landed in the sea, as Donald Trump held security talks with Japanese President Shinzo Abe.

This forced the billionaire business mogul to issue a fiery warning to the despot nation. 

US and South Korean military forces are currently taking part in the mission “Foal Eagle” which has been condemned by the North.The military exercise involves ground, air and naval units in joint military drills.

But the tubby tyrant Kim Jong-un has labelled the mission as a “rehearsal for an invasion”.

A statement from North Korea read: “Now the US imperialists and the South Korean puppet forces again kicked off the dangerous nuclear war drills against the DPRK at its doorstep, our army will counter them with the toughest counteractions.”

He also said at the start of the year, the country’s ICBM was nearly ready to be launched, “anywhere, at any time”.

Pentagon Spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said: “Secretary Mattis said that the United States remains steadfast in its commitment to the defense of South Korea.

“He further emphasized that any attack on the United States or its allies will be defeated, and any use of nuclear weapons will be met with a response that is effective and overwhelming.”