For the past couple of days the world news has been buzzing with the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un’s older brother at the KLIA. Here is the news :

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s brother assassinated in M’siaKim Jong-nam killed at KLIA by two women with “poisoned needles”

two women, North Korean agents, escaped in a taxi and remain at large

death confirmed by Malaysian police

Kim Jong-nam, eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il

Police told Reuters cause of death not yet confirmed

So far no suspects


Kim felt someone grab from behind

felt dizzy, asked for help at information centre
taken to airport clinic, died in ambulance on way to hospital.
Putrajaya Hospital said deceased born 1970, surnamed Kim

Kim hiding in M’sia after execution in Dec 2013 of uncle, Jang Sung-thaek
had spoken out publicly against his family’s dynastic control of state
eldest son of Kim Jong-il, survived assassination attempt in Macau in 2011

Kim born from father’s non-marital relationship with Sung Hae-rim
South Korean-born actress who died in Moscow.

widely seen as hermit kingdom’s heir apparent
fell out of favour after caught entering Japan on forged passport

North and South Korea yet to officially comment
most high-profile death under Kim Jong-un since execution of Jang Song-thaek

My comments : The guy was here since 2013. It is a sad fate for him. He had a conscience  and did not agree with his family’s dictatorial control of North Korea.It looks like he was killed by the North Koreans. The people who killed him are possibly hiding in an unassailable location or they have been spirited out of Malaysia already.

I wrote about North Korea just a few days ago. There are other things going on about North Korea.

Get this folks, Donald Trump is making some outreach to China.

US Defense Secretary James Mattis has recently visited Japan and South Korea. Very quickly and quietly.

I think they are going to take out Kim Jung Un and it will happen this year. I believe North Korea will be in the news.

The young fellow Kim Jung Un appears to be personally irrational.

His irritating behaviour of shooting really dangerous rockets over the sea and even over the Japanese islands is simply not 21st century at all.

Imagine what will happen to the world’s financial markets (especially Tokyo, New York etc) if just one missile falls on Japan or there is fighting along the Korean DMZ? There will be total chaos.

And there has not been any imminent threat  from anyone towards North Korea for a long time. They are still fighting the Korean War which came to an end 63 years ago in 1954.

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea fired ballistic missile Sun 12th Feb.
Trump indicated calibrated response to avoid escalating tensions
intermediate-range Musudan missile landed in Sea of Japan
test comes day after Trump summit with Shinzo Abe
also follows Trump’s phone call with Xi Jinping

Here is something more relevant:

  • Trump up to something ‘big’ in Asia Pacific region
  • Defense Secretary James Mattis’ visits to South Korea, Japan 
  • prelude to Trump’s real foreign strategy
  • Trump planning “big game” in Asia-Pacific
  • political maneuvers toward Asia largely unnoticed
  • James Mattis’ trip to Asia failed to catch headlines
  • routine journey marks beginning of Trump’s Realpolitik
  • “Mattis’ trip beginning of complex, winning diplomatic combination
  • the starting point in Trump’s foreign policy
This guy will be taken out. I think Trump will “do a deal” on North Korea.