Good afternoon. First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the U-22 national squad for their 2 victories in the group A stages of the 2017 SEA Games.

I would also like to remind the players not to give too much thought on what is being said by the media or on the social media. You should be focused and maintain utmost concentration for every match in the competition. Remember also that only a handful of Malaysians are privileged enough to wear the national colours and you should be rightfully proud as it is the highest honour for every Malaysian to be selected and wear the national jersey. There’s no need to entertain those who criticize you as it is you who are representing and sacrificing for the country.

Regardless of the result, be it win or lose, I will deal with the consequences and deal with them. I’m prepared to take full responsibility whatever the result may be and remember that the country and your families will continue to be proud and are thankful for your service to this country that we all love.

Second is in regards to those who have raised the issue of my absence from the stadium to give my support to the 2017 SEA Games squad. You may have conveniently forgotten about my contributions to the FAM in the time when the FAM, league, and participating teams did not have funds. I’m not one to bring up the past, but this is a fact.

Recently as well, HM The Sultan of Johor also contributed RM4 million to the FAM to help with the structuring of the national squad and the local leagues. Incentives for the U-22 national squad was also given when they qualified to the final round of the U-23 Championship AFC 2018 in China. Adding to this, I’ve also met up with Astro to finalize the sponsorship for all participating teams in the Malaysian League.

Hypocrites in our midst: Until now Khairy’s infamous issue of RM100mil unresolved

My fellow Malays, although you may feel the need to discredit someone, there’s no need to compare me to individuals who only show up at stadiums but choose to not give a single cent to help football in this country. There’s no need to make an appearance at the stadium for your own political mileage. Where was this individual and the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) when FAM was desperate and needed financial aid? I’m not blaming KBS for not giving any funds to FAM. After all, the issue of the infamous RM100 million has not been resolved, how can they contribute to us?

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I’m not interested to pretend and show up at the stadium just to get support. I do not need support as I’m not a politician. Hence, before trying to discredit anyone, please think again. Do not embarrass the Malay race with your vindictive attitude.

From my experience, in comparison to the Indians or Chinese I find that it’s the Malay race that insults and questions their Rulers and the Royal Institution every day. Only when they’re stuck and desperate will the Malay politicians turn to the Rulers and the Royal Institution.

‘Nobody wants to bring down your boss’

STADIUM, BANGSA MELAYUKU, CYBERTROOPERS DAN RM100 JUTA DUIT RAKYATAssalammualaikum W.B.T. Pertama sekali saya ingin…

Posted by JOHOR Southern Tigers on Thursday, August 17, 2017

Having said this, I’m only a voice on my own. I do not have nor do I employ “cybertroopers” to support me much like the politicians. I’m not a person who shows my face at the stadium just for popularity but magically disappears when football needs financial assistance.

If anyone is wondering where I am at this present moment, I’m currently on holidays overseas. Since the start of the year till now, I haven’t had the opportunity to have a break with my family. But fear not, as I’ve sent my representative, the Minister of Youth and Sports who is ever so ready to provide his service and support for our country.

To Mr. Ibdil, you don’t need to get your cybertroopers to attack me and praise your ‘boss’. Nobody wants to bring down your ‘boss’. You need to remember that your political party’s biggest support comes from Johor. Think carefully.

HRH Major General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor, President of Football Association of Malaysia (FAM)

Hidup Johor Demi Johor