I have been informed that there was an article in a newspaper whereby a statement was made by Datuk Mohamad Zekri, voicing his opinion that they are individuals qualified to represent the country at the upcoming SEA Games. Did I not beat the team that the said Datuk represented, with a score of 10-0 and 11-0 in a polo tournament in Pekan, Pahang? With a margin like that, how can you represent the country? I initially thought that there was only one person lobbying to represent the country, but as it turns out, there were more who lobbied to represent the country in the coming SEA Games.

Our country at the moment has to be managed to overcome global challenges, but there are still individuals lobbying to the extend of mixing sports with politics for their own personal gains.


Regarding my statement the other day, my statement was about the whole Malaysian system but it was used for political agendas of certain parties. I have never questioned the eligibility and necessity of national leaders to use the government’s jets. I only raised the issue about private jets being sponsored by the government for some leaders. Clearly it is not related to the government’s jets.

The bigger issue here is corruption. Corruption needs to be stopped and fought to the very end. In Johor, there is no place for the corrupt and those found guilty should be brought to justice, regardless of one’s rank and background, just like the cases reported lately. Those in positions and are responsible for the state, must carry out the Sultan of Johor’s decree in eradicating corruption.


Regarding polo. In my opinion, let’s stop all speculations on this issue by having a polo match between the selected SEA Games polo squad and the Royal Johor Polo Club team, consisting of my brother, two of our players as well as myself. I also recommend that this match to be shown on live TV and watched by the entire nation. Let’s leave it to the nation to decide for themselves the individuals qualified to represent the country. To me, the more qualified people to represent the country are Saladin, Hussaini Yunos, Tengku Hassanal Shah, Tengku Amir, Tengku Muhammad Shah, Amran Selamat and a few more worthy individuals.

May I also suggest that we allow fans to catch the match by selling tickets at RM10 each and we can distribute the proceeds of total ticket sales to football clubs or even channel them to charitable bodies.

What I said through my recent statement is about problems affecting the country such as the lack of education, corruption, hypocrisy, envy and many more. Remember, Malaysia has the potential to be a nation advanced in several fields if we do our jobs well. Our duty is to serve the people sincerely and faithfully. I’m confident that Malaysia can succeed if all of us believe in the sole purpose of serving the country.

If there are still individuals who still don’t understand what I am stating, it just goes to show the deteriorating education system of this country which I have always spoke about.

HRH Major General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor