I saw this article yesterday

GE14 almost certain not in first half of 2017

and became curious.

I was particularly interested in this visiting schedule of Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin as displayed in the article,

I think that’s a rather reasonable schedule as it would give Khaled and his boys reasonable time to prepare the Johor BN machineries.

Based on that schedule, I think the writer of the article got it right that the Khaled’s team would have six solid months of touring the State and doing the necessary to prepare for the general election, which would probably be held later in the year.

So, I contacted my good friend in Kota Iskandar to double check the info.

This is part of our Wassap conversation,



I guess something must had happened that Khaled and his boys now decided to speed up the schedule.

My friend told me the visits to the parliamentary constituencies were indeed in view of the general election.

If they are going to finish the whole tour by April 27, then the general election could be called as early as May.

But still I believe Khaled and his team need more time to prepare for it.

Logically, after such a tour, they need to study their findings and do follow-ups for remedial measures to solve local issues detected during the tour.

That should take another month or two.

Unless of course as I said, something had happened that they really need to rush the whole thing.

That’s actually strange.

I had actually earlier learnt from a high ranking intelligence guy that when Khaled started his tour early this month, the actual level of preparedness of Johor BN for the election at that time was only at 30 per cent.

That’s what made me thought that ¬†Khaled had did well by allocating about six months to do the tour, if indeed it was to be the final push before the election period.

But if they are rushing it now, then I guess it’s no longer Khaled’s decision.

The directive to wrap up everything early must had came from KL.

Maybe BN really wants to have an early general election.

Maybe it’s because of things like this,

A Pas-PKR-Pribumi Bersatu coalition in the making

Well, I never really trust that Pas wants to be an Umno’s friend.