PENANG – To prove that he is still in Penang and is not running away from the public, JJPTR founder Johnson Lee accepted an interview by Nanyang Siang Pau in which he said people who did not join JJPTR earlier would regret once his new investment platform takes off.

He said he had been meeting his lawyer over the past two weeks besides facing police interrogation and a flood of criticisms from the public.

Nevertheless, he said he had never thought of running away although he had an opportunity to seek refuge in the United States, insisting that he had not cheated anyone and there were still many who would support him.

JJPTR has about 400,000 members worldwide, including 300,000 in Malaysia, of which half are in Penang.

Johnson Lee also said it was a misunderstanding that his father Lee Thean Chye and ex-girlfriend were major shareholders of his company. He explained that he put them as shareholders for the sake of convenience when he first started the business some two years ago.

He said he had confidence paying back the 400,000 investors in 18 countries over the next four to five years through his new investment platform.

– Mysinchew