Just when Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) thought her relationship with daughter Etta Ng (吳卓林) was making progress, things took a turn for the worse when Etta recently ran away from home.

In June, Etta was hospitalized for two months due to her suicidal tendencies. Etta was spotted with 20 cuts on her wrist. Elaine admitted that a social worker was helping Etta cope with problems. Seeing Etta’s dislike for attending school, Elaine arranged Etta to be home-schooled instead. Unfortunately, with no intentions of learning, Etta ultimately ran away from home.

Co-habiting with Lesbian Friend

After running away from home, Etta has been living together with her lesbian friend in the Wan Chai area. They invited several friends to join them on the rooftop of their building, smoking and drinking beer. On another occasion, Etta and her friend were spotted swimming at their community pool, and seem to settled into their new lifestyle.

When the media called up Elaine, she sighed, “Etta hasn’t been home for a while now, but I keep in touch with her. She’ll be 18 years old this November – she’s a big girl and I shouldn’t be too controlling of her.”

In response to Etta dodging her school studies, Elaine replied, “Learning doesn’t necessarily mean going to school. She told me that she is teaching Mandarin to little kids, which I think is a different type of learning experience. It’s good that she’s actively working – it’s better than being cooped up at home.”

Although Etta is tutoring young children, Elaine said she still provides her daughter with an allowance. While Elaine accepts the fact that Etta has moved out, Elaine said, “Etta can come back whenever she wants – Mommy will always welcome you. We keep in touch and we live under the same sky – our hearts are connected. Let’s say that she went to tackle new experiences for now.”

Source: On.cc